How to Keep Your Kids Occupied On Vacation

How to Keep Your Kids Occupied On Vacation

How to Keep Your Kids Occupied On Vacation

Whether you have a young infant, tweens or teenagers, you might feel daunted at the thought of taking your young family away on holiday. We’ve put together a quick start guide on how to keep your kids occupied on vacation and making sure they remain happy travellers.

Some people will not fly with children younger than 7 years old, but we understand that choosing not to fly is not always an option. Above all, stay calm and try to set a good example by being flexible and enjoying yourself!

How to Survive a Road Trip

If you’re travelling to your holiday destination by car then you will want to know how to keep babies happy and smiling and your teenagers chilled out. And be safe, check out this article on travel safety.

Firstly, use GPS to navigate your journey. And importantly, plan any stops you need to make. Well-rested children are much easier to deal with than ones who have been cooped up in a car all day.

One way you can deal with slightly older children is to ask them to research any scenic routes that you will be taking. Give your kid responsibility for providing commentary as you pass through interesting places.

You can also play games like Name That Tune or Would You Rather? With babies, consider trying out a sponsored silence if the noise from the back seat gets to be too much.

How to Fly with your Family

There’s plenty to think about when you’re flying with babies and toddlers. You must be prepared for the worst and develop a tolerance of fellow passengers who don’t understand how difficult it is to travel with a baby.

Take milk with you, it helps with the air pressure on takeoff and landing. And milk is recommended to breastfeed during this time. With older children explain what’s going to happen ahead of time. And plan your flight to coincide with evening nap time in order to have the kids sleep through the flight.

To keep the older kids busy invest in a small tablet, take plenty of books and a couple of good travel games.

How to Keep Your Kids Occupied On Vacation

Make sure that Gadgets don’t Interfere with a Good Time

You don’t spend your savings on vacations for your kids to spend the time obsessing over their gadgets. Make sure that you limit gadget time in order to keep your kids engaged with the actual holiday.

It’s best to lay the ground rules about this before you travel and encourage them to leave the gadgets behind.

The last resort is let them bring their games console or tablet to stave off boredom.

Limit use of these gadgets while you travel and let them know that a holiday is for taking part in activities that you wouldn’t get the chance to do back at home.

Some parents even advocate making a holiday spreadsheet of everything to take with you when you travel abroad.

Our top tips are to acquire small cameras to enable young children taking their own holiday photos.

Take sketchbooks for encouraging them to record their experiences.

Try to get them to engage with your holiday destination as much as possible.

The babies probably won’t remember, but vacation time is a great chance to get to know each other as a family.

Good luck and remember to have fun! Use this guide on how to keep your kids occupied on vacation.

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How do you vacation with your family? Please comment below.

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