Potty Training your Big Kid with Huggies Pull-Ups

Potty Training Your Big Kid With Huggies Pull-Ups

In the potty training battles, sometimes you have to claim small victories.

But thanks to Huggies Pull-Ups, the victories have started to pile up for my daughter.

As she approaches her third birthday, she is “mostly” potty trained and has been for months.

That is to say, she always pees in the potty during the day and generally uses the potty during the night unless she doesn’t wake up.

Pooping has been a different story. She doesn’t like to poop.

She will generally go days without pooping and will then grunt her way to pooping in her underwear.

This is where the Huggies come in. She wears Pull-Ups at night to prevent accidents.

In some cases, when she gives us signs that poop is imminent, we have her wear the Pull-Ups as well to spare her regular underwear.

There are several things she really likes about her Pull-Ups.

She loves the Learning Designs and can relate to the Disney characters they feature.

Her last package had Ariel (Little Mermaid), Doc McStuffins and Minnie Mouse (generally her fav.)


Being a “big girl” she also likes that she can pull them up and down just like her underwear when she’s going potty.

She also likes that she’s still wearing panties. She calls them her pull-up panties, not diapers.

She’s at the age where it matters to her. They are fairly thin but ultra-absorbent.

My wife and I like that they look like panties, that they have colourful designs and, mostly importantly, that she enjoys wearing them just as much as underwear.

You can’t tell whether she’s wearing underwear or pull-ups under her clothes, which is a plus.

We’ve tried other brands and they seem harder and bulkier yet not as absorbent.

I would describe it like this: imaging trying to clean up a spill with a towel or a newspaper.

What would you prefer? That’s my Huggies versus store brand comparison.

We went through several brands of training diapers when we first started potty training in the spring.

There were fit issues with some brands. Others she just plain didn’t like.

Huggies Pull Ups VS Generic Training Diapers

We were actually lucky with our daughter; she potty trained pretty easily (for the most part).

We did no pants day to start where we expected accidents and let her be free.

Thankfully, it only took two accidents for her to figure out using a toilet was easier than getting wet.

And with every successful trip to the potty, there were chocolate treats waiting for her, post-pee.

Day two saw no accidents and she spent the day in a pull-up just in case.

As a parent, there are few things greater than seeing the pride on my daughter’s face than when she uses the potty.

She still generally gives me high-fives on the toilet seat because she is so proud of herself.

And when she has accidents, she is genuinely disappointed in herself.

So we try to set her up for success. And Huggies Pull-Ups are part of that success.

When she’s sick, when she’s sleeping overnight and for really long car trips, she wears the Pull-Ups. She doesn’t complain because, to her, they look and feel the same as her regular panties.

A happy daughter makes for a happy parent.

Thank you, Huggies.

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Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Pull-Ups® Training Pants via Glam Media Canada. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Kimberly-Clark Inc.

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