Yoga for Us and for Kids

Normally, I’m not a slow morning person, even first thing in the morning, I just about run for my first cup of coffee. So Yoga for us and for kids is not at the top of my list early in the morning.

Yoga a Challenge?

Workouts are no different. I like to move fast, getting the sweating done and over with it. But I want to try and stick to yoga. And I have found a workout video challenge that I enjoy.

Yoga for Us and for Kids

The word challenge is what got my attention first, then the teacher. She calls herself a bad yogi. She talks like the two of you are sitting in your living room stretching it out.

Do You Yoga is full of information on getting you into and in love with yoga. 

I didn’t know that yoga could hurt! I feel the burn. In my abs, legs, arms, etc. I definitely wasn’t expecting it. I love it. These workouts are, I think, good for anyone, at any level.

I can’t do Downward Dog like she does, but she demonstrates other ways to do it, and she does so for most things. Which has been great as a beginner.

Each day is focusing on something different. The videos are 12-20 minutes long. While the videos are great for fitting in during naptime or early in the morning, I’ve been doing them with my girls. 

Yoga for Us and for Kids

If you have young ones as I do, yoga is a fun family activity. Young ones (3 years) can follow along.

And, they are flexible enough that they can probably do the moves better than you, and it is a great way to calm a hyper busy body down.

A great way for mothers (and fathers!) to take a deep breath, relax and remember that they are only little once.

As you begin to motivate your toddler check out this article; 8 Ways to Motivate the Reluctant Potty Trainer.

Do you you practice Yoga with other family members? Tell us about your experiences.

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