Family Vacations On A Budget

Family Vacations On A Budget

My kids are always begging to on vacation but of course they understand the cost that comes with a family vacation. But if you plan it right, it really doesn’t have to cost all that much. I’m going to tell you how to get a great Family Vacations On A Budget.

Family Vacations on a Budget


Depending on what you are sleeping in – trailer or tent – getting a camp site can be really cheap! Bring your meals with you to keep you from leaving the camp site for fast food. Explore nature and fun some relaxing time. 

Make it even more budget friendly by camping in your backyard!

Vacation with Family

Though it may take some planning to coordinate a time to visit, if you have family that lives away from you plan a trip to visit them. You can crash at their home, buy and making your own meals to save on the expense of eating out, and explore their town or city.


While it may not feel like a vacation, staying home and just exploring your own town or city can be a lot of fun. Take the time to slow down and see all the your area has to offer, you may be surprised to find some treasures at home that you were too busy to notice.

One Night Away

While it can seem like a lot of work for one night, we like to get a hotel room for the night once in awhile. Just for a fun night out. Pick a hotel not too far away, one with a pool for an added bonus. Just staying one night away will make it feel like a vacation. You can find great deals on rooms too by using sites like Travelocity. Family Vacations On A Budget

How do you take Family Vacations On A Budget – please comment below!!

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