8 Ways To Prepare Before You Travel

8 Ways To Prepare Before You Travel


Traveling isn’t just hopping in your car and heading down the road; not for most of us anyway.

If you have the money to buy all the necessities along the way, I need to know where you work!

For the rest of us, here are 8 ways to prepare before you travel.


8 Ways To Prepare Before You Travel

Pack Lunches

Instead of buying meals on the way to your destination, pack lunches.

Make a list of non- perishable lunch options and save money.


Plan your Meals

If you are going to eat out, plan where you will eat.

When you plan ahead of time, you can score great deals on restaurants in the area through Groupon and Super Saving Social.


Plan your Itinerary

Make a detailed plan of where you will go, what activities you will do, and how much everything will cost.

If you stick to an itinerary you can save on your travels.


Check the Weather

Make sure to check the weather and pack accordingly.

It is never any fun to pack for 80-degree weather and find out its only 60 degrees that week.

Just in case the weatherman is wrong pack a few things for both chances.


Look for Local Freebies

You never want to miss out on free stuff.

The internet is a mother-load of information; take advantage of it.

Look for free events, festivals or activities where you will be traveling.

This will be great to add to the itinerary.


Print Coupons

Again, the internet is worth every ounce of your time.

You can find great coupons to shops in the area, activities, and theme parks just by searching coupons in the city.

Don’t forget to print them off (in case your phone won’t load).


Get your Money in Order

Before you go on a trip, get your money in order.

Make sure to set a budget and stick to it.

It’s always a great idea to get traveler’s checks that way if they get lost or stolen, you can get a refund.


Account for Tolls

Make sure to map out your route.

Trust me, paying $20 for one bridge can put a damper on your budget.

Make sure the roads you are taking are in your budget and account for every expense.

Best thing to do is get EZPass or whatever corresponding toll system.


Prepare your Car

Checking for the latest maintenance needs are important, but you also want to organize your car and trunk in order to make packing smooth.

Let us know where your travels have taken you in the comments below! We would love to know any tips you may have.

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