How to tell if You are an Annoying Facebook Friend

How To Tell If You Are An Annoying Facebook Friend

I have recently become very eager to ‘hide all posts’ for certain people I am friends with on Facebook. So I have compiled a list of things that are often considered as annoying things to do on Facebook. And I thought I need to discover how to tell if you are an Annoying Facebook Friend

Tell Us All, Or Better Yet Show Us, What You Eat At Every Meal

I love hearing about great recipes, but sharing a picture of your half eaten quiche is not exactly what I want to see. Post a picture, use Pinterest perhaps, but don’t post 3 times a day, like clockwork, exactly what you are masticating.

Brag About Your Life, Constantly

Yes we know you are up for a prestigious award and just lost 50 lbs in 1 month. We also think it’s great that you are proud of your kids, but honestly, hearing about how advanced he is for his age, just makes us feel inadequate.

Likely, it isn’t your intention to make me feel bad (ok, maybe it is), but making your Facebook friends feel bad just makes them want to ‘unfollow’.

Be Super Lovey Dovey With Your Partner

I love my husband, to the moon and back. When I see “hey baby, you are the most amazing man ever. I am the luckiest girl alive. XXXOOO” I just want to puke. If it is father’s day, or a birthday, you are exempt from this rule, brag away!

However, if you love your partner that much TELL THEM TO THEIR FACE. Posting it to Facebook makes me think that you are putting on a show.

Post About Your Home Business Or Direct Sales Business CONSTANTLY

I have multiple businesses and I believe that your first and biggest fans should be your family and friends. But if all you posts are “Like my page” or “Buy my products” you will likely loose Facebook friends and not gain customers.

Post Too Often 

I update my status every couple days, and I believe even a couple times a day is fine, but every hour, too much. Due to the Facebook antilogarithms we know that you will only see so many status updates. I want to see a variety of posts, from a variety of people. Not 15 a day from you.

Invite Me To Play Candy Crush

If you want me to unfriend you on facebook, invite me to play Candy Crush. I dare you. How many times have you seen this image posted on Facebook?

How To Tell If You Are An Annoying Facebook Friend

Avoid Punctuation and Correct Grammar At All Costs

It only takes a second to read over your post and ensure it will make sense. My mom, whom I love to pieces, can’t form a proper sentence on Facebook to save her life. She speaks clearly, writes lovely birthday cards and edited my school papers for years, but Facebook, well that’s a different story.

How To Tell If You Are An Annoying Facebook Friend

I hope this doesn’t come across too mean or harsh. I just hope that you prioritize and keep your friends as friends. So now I know how to tell if you are an Annoying Facebook Friend

I know I am missing many things. What is the most annoying thing you see in Facebook status’?

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