How Early Childhood Reading Helps Prepare Kids for School


Why it is so important to learn how early Childhood Reading helps prepare Kids for School.


Why it is so important to learn how early Childhood Reading helps prepare Kids for School.


Children who have not developed some basic literacy skills by the time they enter school are 3 – 4 times more likely to drop out in later years.” –National Adult Literacy Survey, (1002) NCES, U.S. Department of Education


How Early Childhood Reading Helps Prepare Kids for School

There can never be too much stress put on the importance of early childhood reading.

Apart from learning the alphabet and getting secure enough in their abilities before even stepping in school, it is also one of the main tools for developing children’s imagination, expanding their vocabulary and instilling the love of books in them from an early age.

But in order to really understand the value of early childhood reading, read on a bit more here and catch up on some great examples on how it actually helps prepare your child for school.


It helps them build confidence

When starting school there are so many things your child is already worried and self conscious about.

The new surroundings, their ability to make friends and even additional learning assignments.

Having to deal with reading issues should not be one of them.

Being able to read takes a bit of the stress off, your child will feel confident reading in front of the class so there is less reason for their peers to tease them about, and you know how really cruel children can be.

And in the end, being able to read without difficulties will significantly speed up their learning process when it comes to other subjects as well. And you will have a happy, confident kid on your hands.


Why it is so important to learn how early Childhood Reading helps prepare Kids for School.

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It sparks their inquisitiveness

In order to be successful at school children need to be eager to learn, to explore and to find the answers to numerous question that they themselves have about the world around them.

And reading books is the perfect way of sparking that enthusiasm.

First, when we as parents read to them they get to find out new and exciting things, realizing that they can discover even more if they are able to do the reading themselves and not wait on us to read something to them.

This is the first step of motivating them and fostering their natural inquisitiveness.

Don’t forget, you are not your child’s only influence, so if you want them to get to reading as quickly as possible you better get the grandparents in on it too.

And don’t stop there, enroll your child into a qualified facility such as the Moorabbin early learning centre and enlist their help in fostering your kids reading skills along with numerous other activities that will benefit your child’s learning abilities.


Why it is so important to learn how early Childhood Reading helps prepare Kids for School.

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It fosters their imagination

One of the main complaints parents have in this digital age that we live in is the lack of imagination in their children.

There is nothing wrong with digital play if it just complements reading and physical activity.

But it should not in any case or form replace them. 

By reading, children are able to create their own images in their head of what something should look like, they have the opportunity to imagine whole worlds and characters they read about in the books.

On the other hands smartphones and tablets serve up already formed images that someone else had thought of.

We could say that this makes our kids brain a bit lazy, and the need for creativity and imagination gets lost somewhere along the way.

Making it that much more imperative to start with reading at an early age so that we can make sure our child has the ability to imagine, and later on in life create marvelous things.


Why it is so important to learn how early Childhood Reading helps prepare Kids for School.

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Reading is an Imperative Skill

So as we can see, reading is a imperative skill when it comes to getting our kids ready for school and life in general.

And in case you are still unsure about the infinite possibilities that reading opens up for your child you should consider the following.

The Educational Testing Services reported that students who do more reading at home are better readers and even end up  having higher math scores.

Which means that their reading skills significantly affect other learning skills thus making it imperative to start your children on a reading journey as soon as possible. Early Childhood Reading Helps Prepare Kids for School.

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