Eye Makeup Tips to Minimize Large Eyes

Eye Makeup Tips to Minimize Large Eyes

While most of us wouldn’t consider large eyes an issue as much as a beautiful physical attribute, some ladies may dislike having larger eyelids or even think their eyes to be a bit bulbous. These problems may seem impossible to overcome, but in actuality, just a few simple makeup tricks can completely eliminate such concerns. Whether you feel your eyes are too big, round, bulbous, or whatever, we have created a guide to minimizing your eyes with basic makeup tips. Look gorgeous and finally feel confident about your eyes with our elementary guide to eye minimizing.

Eye Makeup Tips to Minimize Large Eyes

Apply eyeshadow primer

For those with dry skin, a cream primer is best. On the other hand, those with more oily skin will require a powder primer. Just apply this base shadow with your fingertips or even a small powder brush just before applying your eyeshadow and liner. Primer is crucial as it prevents your shadow from smudging or creasing and allows for long-lasting wear.

Tightline your eyes

Using a waterproof eyeliner or a gel eyeliner, brush the upper and lower inner rims of your lids. For best results, opt for colors such as black, dark brown or navy blue. When attempting a minimized look, you should steer clear of light colors like white or ivory. Tightlining is important as it brings out your depth which effectively minimizes bulbous looking shapes and provides a deeper set look.

Apply dark shadow to outer eyelids

Choosing a deep shade of shadow, you will want to use a brush and sweep onto the outer lid corners while blending back toward the center. You can utilize virtually any shade just as long as it belongs to the dark or deep color range. While earth tones make work best for some, jewel tones may compliment others better. We suggest shimmery browns or plums for daytime looks or navys, grays and smoky colors for a sultry nighttime look. Darker eye shadows minimize eyes by reflecting less light off the eyelid’s surface.

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