College Entrance Testing: What You Need to Know

College Entrance Testing: What You Need to Know
Do you have a High School student who is college bound and working through the maze of college entrance testing?
Are you overwhelmed about all of the college admission requirements from testing to credits and essays?
My son is a junior in High School and the heat is now on as we we prepare for College.
Here are a few tips for you when it comes to college college entrance testing and admissions exams.

Keep in mind that you can take the SAT/ACT up to 3 times (you do pay again each time), but taking it more than once has a huge benefit!

It’s also a good idea to take test prep classes or hire a tutor. You can find out more about SAT prep in San Diego here.

You can choose your highest score to submit to the Colleges and Universities of your choice.

I also recommend starting a (free) account at around the PSAT.
A personalized study plan is created once the PSAT scores are registered, the College Board site, which is the main PSAT/SAT website you need to refer to for registering for tests.
It will focus on exact area the child did poorly without spending too much time on the areas they did well in.
Also, the SAT has a mandatory essay and ACT has an optional essay which is encouraged. 

PSAT Registration Info

For Sophomore and Juniors
Testing dates are in the Fall on a particular date (usually October)
You must ask school or testing facility earliest registration date or spots can fill up
Typically about $16 
2 Hours and 10 Minutes long
Tests Critical Reading, Math & Writing Skills
The PSAT is a practice exam for the SAT AND qualifies student for many scholarships

SAT Registration Info

For Senior Winter/Spring Year (some also take it in Spring as a Junior for practice then again as a Senior)
Testing dates vary, so check with your school or the College Board website link below
Must pre-register
Typically costs $50-$85
3 Hour test
Scores per subject 200-800 & essay scored as 2-12 & multiple choice/writing 20-80
Tests Verbal & Math reasoning skills with a new writing section
The SAT is used to measure students knowledge for college admission, class placement and advise students for course selections

ACT Registration Info

For SeniorWinter/Spring Year or Junior Spring. You can take multiple times and send your best score
Testing dates are year round
Must pre-register
Typically costs $46-$65 depending on if you choose to take the writing portion also
2 Hours 55 Minutes
Scores: A bit complicated. See:
Tests English, Math, Reading, Science and an optional Writing
You need to do this for all 4-year bound students. It makes you a bit more visible to colleges and opens up more scholarship opportunities
More Information at:
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