5 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read This Summer


Kids can forget a lot during the summer months, which is why you’ll want to learn encourage your child to read this summer.


5 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read This Summer


It’s summer, which is perfect for fun.

While summer is meant for fun, it’s also important that your kids get some reading time in as well.

In your child’s eyes, they don’t necessarily care about reading.

It’s up to you to encourage it.


Visit the Library Often

Did you know that most libraries offer a variety of children’s and teen’s programs?

Both are usually offered throughout the school year and during the summer.

These are great for both kiddos that love to read and kiddos that do not look forward to reading.

These programs are great for kids to socialize and keep busy over the summer. 

Also, by incorporating crafts and other fun activities, with particular stories or genres, it is a great way to make any child who dreads reading, look forward to opening up a book.


encourage your child to read this summer.


Watch the Movie Version

More and more books seem to be showing up on the big screen these days.

If your little one needs some encouragement to read this summer, pick out some titles that have also been made into movies.

Have your child read the literature first and then reward them with the movie version of the book.

What kid wouldn’t enjoy a movie night with their favorite sweet or salty snack and an ice cold beverage?


Find Interesting Series

The first step to encouraging your child to read would be to discover what they are interested in.

Their favorite topic is generally all it takes to encourage kids to read.

But once the story has been read fully through, then you often times end up at square one.

To make reading more fun for your child, search for books that have sequels to them.

There is nothing more encouraging then finishing a book, while knowing their favorite character has more fun, twists, and adventures awaiting them in other stories.


encourage your child to read this summer.


Simple Rewards Work Wonders

Simple rewards can go a long way.

When you are to the point that your child is constantly whining about not wanting to read, sometimes all they need is a special reward after reading.

Each child will respond differently, so you may find it better to reward your child after they have read a set amount of pages books.

Whereas other children may be more encouraged by knowing that they have to read so many hours each week.

This is all before they can indulge at their favorite ice cream shop, fast food restaurant, or spend an afternoon at a nearby trampoline park.


Magazines Are Fun Too

When most people think of reading, they instantly think about books.

Books are not the only literature available to read.

In fact, there are a variety of fun magazines to gain your child’s attention.

These will have them itching to read about and discover what is on the next page!

Once the catch this spark you won’t have to encourage your child to read this summer.


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