Family Fun New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

We have a tradition of spending New Year’s with our entire family, young and old so we are always looking for New Year’s Eve Party Ideas.


We have a tradition of spending New Year's with our entire family, young and old so we are always looking for New Years' Eve Party Ideas.


New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and the excitement of a new year is upon us.

It’s hard to find a babysitter for New Year’s and can be quite a pricey undertaking if you do go that route.

One way to avoid not worry about finding a babysitter is to host a party for your friends and family.

Keep it simple and have fun with all ages with these simple little tips and activities.

Family Fun New Year’s Eve Party Ideas


Include all ages

Children, teenagers and adults in the planning process.

Get them to plan an activity for 30 – 60 minutes.

Asking each family to bring an activity or game to share or host is a fun way to change-up the party and will help the hosting family to feel like the whole party is not all on them to create.

Don’t forget to include outdoor activities to get people moving and enjoying the fresh air…fire works at midnight can be a fun surprise for everyone!


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Time it right

Who said you can’t have a party in the afternoon or early evening (6-9 pm).

An evening party would be fun for the children but still allow enough time for you to travel home, get them to bed and celebrate again when they are asleep. 

Moving your “mid-night” to 9 pm can allow for young children to experience the hype of New Year’s Eve Party Ideas. 


Always include food

Finger foods, chili’s, cheese balls, veggies and dip, make-your-own sandwiches are all great little appetizers everyone can munch on throughout the party but not feel like they need to sit down all together and eat a meal.

Having a special punch for everyone to drink can be a special thing for young kids.

Adults can add in their own alcohol if desired.

For the host of the party, I would make sure each family has a designated driver or are planning to spend the night.

Let’s keep our roads safe!


Family Fun New Year’s Eve Party Ideas. New Years Party Background. Clock and festive tinsels


Have a countdown

This is by far the best part of New Year’s Eve; counting down the last few hours, minutes and seconds of the year can build excitement with everyone!

At the beginning of the party, have the children make decorations for the party that includes a BIG clock with hands they can move throughout the party.

This is a fun visual for children and a way to build up the celebration. 


Family Fun New Year’s Eve Party Ideas. My family tends to get anxious on New Year's Eve so we look for activities for the kids and found this New Year's Eve Craft for Kids Paper Shaker.


New Year’s games to play or crafts to make: 

  • Board Games & Cards (rotate after 30 minutes to a new game against different people)
  • Twister
  • Charades (kids vs. adults or family vs. family)
  • Star gazing on a clear night.
  • Snowball fight (if you have snow)
  • Thankful board (have a large piece of Bristol board and everyone can write down one thing they are thankful for this year)
  • Movies
  • Crafts (coloring, painting for the party) Kids Paper Shaker Craft.
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Other ways to Celebrate New Year’s with Your Kids.

How are you spending your New Year’s Eve?

Why its Important to set New Year’s Goals.

Have you made your Families New Year’s Resolutions?

Do you celebrate with your children?

Happy New Year!

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