4 Ways Parents Can Help Their High Schoolers Write Better Academic Papers

While in high school students often receive help from their parents and it is more than reasonable.

Previously, it was considered to be a great bonding experience, but nowadays it is more like a necessity, though not deprived of some parents-children links created.

Modern parents understand that the number and the complexity of the assignments their kids receive bring home from school often don’t answer the level of the particular student, and even more so, his or her interests.

However, some help might be harmful, and parents should keep in mind that better grades should not always be a primary goal.

Here we’ve gathered the major options for helping high schoolers parents should consider if they notice that their kids have some troubles with academic papers.


Dig In and Get to Know What Exactly Goes Wrong

Low grades are not always the result of zero-diligence or lack of knowledge.

Often there are some social issues which can seriously affect your kid’s performance.

The tension in school, not pleasant atmosphere in the class, tense relationship with a particular teacher, inner turmoil.

All these can make your high schooler fail when writing academic papers.

However, it can be entirely reversed, and your brilliant kid might need some discipline.

Saying “discipline,” we don’t mean punishment.

If you notice that self-organization is a problem, try to set an example and teach a high schooler some techniques of time management.

There are lots of approaches, but before applying any of them try to observe and talk with your son or daughter, maybe several times, to know better what the real problem is.

Ways Parents Can Help Their High Schoolers Write Better Academic Papers

Hire a Writing Tutor

Nowadays you can find any: online and offline, cheap and expensive, creative and classic, student, professor, even a tutoring program.

The critical criteria for making a choice is whether your kid will genuinely accept some assistance from the particular source.

Boys are often bashful and even aggressive when they are forced to work with a female tutor not too much older than them.

Introverts prefer to work with programs or at least online tutors, and extroverts might appreciate joining some tutoring group with motivational contests.

With the variety of options available, you will surely find the most suitable one.


Purchase and Adjust a Set of Writing Help Programs

Even if it seems a little expensive or too complicated from a very beginning, this set of programs can seriously increase your kid’s writing performance.

Pay attention to the following programs and applications:

  • Grammar checkers

They should be in bookmarks and it is not discussed. Read some online ratings and choose the most suitable program. One paid subscription is enough. Choose the one which not only corrects mistakes, but gives explanations, additional examples and tips. We vote for Grammarly, but there are other decent options. Get to know how to use it with your high schooler and ask him or her to check every writing with it. In several months you will definitely see the results.

  • Plagiarism checkers.

They are necessary especially as a perfect training base before college. In high school teachers might be a bit less demanding regarding formatting and citing, but in college the rules are exceptionally strict.

  • Spelling training programs

Nowadays there are interactive programs which teach students to spell. They are used by ENL and ESL students equally. They are mostly free, but there are some extra options to purchase.

Even with these three programs your high schooler will become much better in writing rather soon.

This options is, as we’ve mentioned earlier, very suitable for introverts.


Address Expert Writing Service for Samples

You should have noticed most probably that your high schooler often complains about teachers not explaining good enough, not giving enough information.

Don’t think that your kid complains about nothing just to make you feel sorry for him or her.

Unfortunately, recently it is a trend, and you should apply some efforts to help your kid out.

What he or she most probably needs is a good writing sample or better several samples written in strict accordance with the professor’s requirements.

In one sample you receive everything — the structure of the particular assignment, formatting, citing, references and the sources of references.

Learning from such sample will help your high schooler feel much more confident.

It is cheaper than a tutor, and as the best writing services (e.g. https://smartwritingservice.com) don’t limit your access to the assigned writers, you can receive rather valuable tips at no additional cost.


It is great to see parents involved in their kids’ academic writing and we will be glad if our tips will come in handy.

Good luck!

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