Decorating Cupcakes With Your Kids Mess Free!

Decorating Cupcakes With Your Kids Mess Free!

Decorating cupcakes is one of the funner parts of the whole cupcake experience for kids, aside from eating them of course!

Quite often for us parents it can be a messy process that leaves our kitchens, children, furniture, and floors covered in icing and sprinkles. 

This is a great alternative to dealing with the mess, but still having your littles help you out with all the fun parts of decorating your sweet treats!


Decorating Cupcakes With Your Kids Mess Free!


chocolate melts (white with food coloring or colored)
piping bags (or Ziploc bags)
wax paper

You can use a double boiler or use your non-stick pot on low heat to melt the chocolate melts. 

Once they are melted add each color into a Ziploc bag or piping bag. 

You want to be sure it’s fairly warm to the touch so you have time to make all your colors. 

Once chocolate melts cool down they turn hard and you won’t be able to create decorations with them.


Decorating Cupcakes With Your Kids....Mess Free!
Lay out a long piece of waxed paper across your counter or table, where ever you’ll be creating your decorations. 

Snip off the very tip (not very big!) of the bag and get your sprinkles ready.


Decorating Cupcakes With Your Kids....Mess Free!


Depending on what you’ve decided to design, start drawing the different shapes or features with your melted chocolate. 

I decided to make bunny cupcakes so I’ve made bunny ears, eyes, teeth, noses and even some whiskers! 


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You can add color and dimension by drawing the outside of the ears (or your chosen piece) and fill it with sprinkles. 

Add a layer of chocolate over the top of the sprinkles and be sure it touches the edges of ears. 

Once it dries you can flip it over and it will add that extra something yummy and special to your cupcakes! 


Decorating Cupcakes With Your Kids....Mess Free!


Allow your pieces to harden before you remove them from the wax paper. 

While they are drying you can pipe your cupcakes with icing. 

Place each set of cupcake decorations into a bowl or plate, separating them by design, then call your kids to the table to decorate the cupcakes however they choose! 

No icing, no sprinkles, no mess to clean up after them 🙂  other than a few chocolate eye balls! 

Decorating Cupcakes With Your Kids....Mess Free!

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