Fun Summer Fruit Kabobs

Summer Fruit KabobsPool parties are happening everywhere due to the miserable summer heat we are experiencing in Texas! I tend to eat more fruit during this time because it’s refreshing, healthy, and delicious. My go-to recipe to make is summer fruit kabobs.  

They are super easy to make and they put a different spin on displaying fruits at a party. Fruit in a bowl is so last season! ha!

Not to mention that fruit kabobs are very portable, which is great for pool parties where guests tend to get in-and-out of the pool here and there. These kabobs make the perfect portions to satisfy one’s cravings.

Make your own Summer Fruit Kabobs

Simply gather the desired fruits you would like to include on your kabobs. I bought strawberries, blueberries, and pineapples. I made the fruit kabobs below during the Fourth of July holiday, so I went for a more patriotic look and added angel food cake. 

First, wash the fruit and then cut into small pieces if needed. Obviously, the blueberries are too small to be cut, so don’t even try. I cut the angel food cake with a bread knife into squares.  As for the pineapples, my mom had this fancy pineapple cutter* that I bribed my husband to cut for me. After cutting the pineapples into rings, I cut them into pieces that would fit on a skewer. 

Summer Fruit Kabobs

Use wooden skewers and start lining up your fruit into different patterns. This can be a little time consuming, so ask your husband, partner, or friend to help you out unless you really enjoy stabbing fruit on the sticks. Knock that stress out! 

If you want to add melted chocolate or syrup to them, go for it! I went for simple and sweet this time. 

Aren’t they pretty? The party guests loved them and I hope you will too! 

Summer Fruit Kabobs

What is better than making fruit kabobs? Well, eating them, of course!

Let me know what fruit kabobs you will be making this Summer! 

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