Fun Road Trip Games For Kids

Fun Road Trip Games for Kids

For the vast majority of families, road trips are just as much a part of summer as barbecues and swimming. However, anyone who has attempted such a road trip with young children will probably tell you that it is quite the endeavor. If you are not properly prepared, your fun filled journey can turn sour very quickly. With no entertainment for the youngsters, you’ll have unhappy possibly irate kids to contend with and no one wants that. Here are some of the top road trip games for children that are sure to keep your journey light hearted and fun.

Fun Road Trip Games for Kids

Category ABCs

The category alphabet game is ideal for all children old enough to know their ABCs. To begin, simply choose a category like fruits or vegetables, first names or even cartoon characters and then commence to going through every letter of the alphabet. You’ll need to take turns thinking of things beginning with each letter. If you need an added challenge, try going through the alphabet backwards.

License Plate Game

For this activity, you’ll need to make a list of each and every license plate state you find along your route. To make the game even more exciting, incorporate small snacks or prizes and treats for particular goals such as finding ten states. Another idea is to reward the participant who is first to locate a license plate from a state with a specific letter like M.

Alphabet Hunt

The Alphabet Hunt game is fantastic for young kids because it is age appropriate as well as fun. With this game, you can boost letter recognition in your children by working through the ABCs visually. Encourage your kids to use signs and objects outside of the car to recite each letter in the alphabet.

Curiosity Questions

Since everyone big and small enjoys talking about themselves, this game is always a hit. Simply write out a list of questions and have each participant answer every question. You’ll be surprised at some of the answers you didn’t know!

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