What Is A Baby Sprinkle? Plus Free Printable Invitations

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What Is A Baby Sprinkle With Free Printable Invitation

When I was pregnant with my daughter two of my cousins were due within weeks of me. As these things happen when it came to having their second child they were due at the same time. For the record, I am sticking with one. While they ended up giving birth the same day, with the same doctor, in the same hospital (crazy eh?!) that also meant all of the pre-baby festivities were happening around the same time. Instead of having large baby showers like they did with their firsts they had a Baby Sprinkle.

What is a baby sprinkle?

Instead of “showering” the expectant  mother with gifts, as in a baby shower, you “sprinkle” her with just a few necessities.  A sprinkle is a smaller baby shower. If you have had previous children you likely will have most of the supplies needed to care for a baby.  

When holding a baby sprinkle you need to be aware of how the siblings will react to a party held in the new or expectant babies honor. Generally speaking, the kids are quite young and can get jealous or angry with all of the attention going to the baby. 

Here is a tip to have a fun baby sprinkle that everyone will enjoy:

Make the kids as involved as possible.

What is a Baby Sprinkle

It sounds simple, but it’s true. While holding sprinkles for my cousins, we made sure their children were involved by holding mini sprinkles for their baby (dolls or stuffed animals). Everyone at the party was asked to bring a small gift related to babies so the new siblings could be just like mom and care for their babies.

The kids loved it. Not only did they feel special that they were being given gifts but they felt incredibly grown up to be just like mom. 

I loved that everyone was able to bring something they already had – this is the second time around after all. 

The baby dolls or stuffed animals can be gifted practical items as well, such as diapers. Not only can the older siblings practice changing a diaper they can be used later with the baby (as long as they stay dry of course). 

What is a Baby Sprinkle

Not sure how to phrase a baby sprinkle invitation?

No problem! I made these printable invitations for you. They are customized for a big brother or big sister. If you need additional wording you can edit with a free online program such as PicMonkey. The invitations will be 4×6 when printed. I recommend printing on cardstock as it will be able to withstand more wear and tear than regular paper would. 

Print by clicking the link below: 

Baby Sprinkle Invitation – Big Brother

Baby Sprinkle Invitation – Big Sister

Baby Sprinkle Invitation Big Sister

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