How To Simplify the Wedding Registry Process with

How To Simplify the Wedding Registry Process with

My sister is getting married and thank goodness we discovered

I came across something known as MYREGISTRY.COM and I had to tell her about it.

I have first-hand experience in getting married (at least that’s what I joke with my sister about).

I remember when I was getting married, I had to register at several different places, so I was excited to tell her that she COULD put everything in one place.

What a life-saver for brides, grooms, and guests.

What Gifts can I Add?

The beautiful part of MYREGISTRY.COM is that you can add any gift that you want.

It can be anything from anywhere in the world. It’s also neat because you can add any gifts like traditional items to fancier items like travel destinations.

How cool is that? I like it because it’s like one list of things I’d love instead of a hot mess of a list.

What’s your Favorite Feature?

Well, there have been some items I know that my sister loves, but she doesn’t know how to put on a registry.

Well, the MYREGISTRY.COM allows you to upload pictures and detailed information of the item onto the My Registry.

When you use MYREGISTRY.COM you can also sync all of your store registries.

For example, if you have multiple registries at places like Target and Kohl’s, you can find them all in one spot (and your friends and family can buy your gifts in one spot).

Need Cash for your Wedding?

It can be so awkward to ask for cash for a wedding present, but MYREGISTRY.COM makes it so easy.

You can actually name and customize the cash fund right on the website.

It’ll just be an added feature right alongside your registry. You can even give back to your favorite charities, by asking for donations towards a cause.

I love both of these options!

What else Should I Know?

Well, if you’re not getting married, you can still register for different parties.

Let’s say you’re having a birthday party, sign up with MYREGISTRY.COM.

This site can also be used to raise money for great causes.

Feel free to head to MYREGISTRY.COM to dig around and see what “fun” you can get into.

Beware though, it’s very addicting.

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This post was brought to you in collaboration with MYREGISTRY.COM

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