Valentines Day Quick Makeover Guide


Valentine’s Day Quick Makeover Guide seems like a great idea with the big day right around the corner and I am sure we are all thinking of how surprise our guys this year.


Valentine's Day Quick Makeover Guide seems like a great idea with the big day right around the corner and I am sure we are all thinking of how surprise our guys this year.


I am a huge advocate for giving gifts, but for Valentine’s Day I like to go the extra mile.


Valentine’s Day Quick Makeover Guide

It’s a day to celebrate love, so every moment of it should be special.

Every Valentine’s Day, I make it a point to give myself a quick makeover and it is always appreciated by my guy.

Below are a few quick makeover ideas that you can try this year.

Even if you don’t have a night out planned, you can still surprise your guy at home!


Hair Makeover

Almost every woman that I know does not like her hair.

If she has curly hair, she wants straight hair.

If her hair is fine and straight, she wants it to be full of body.

Well ladies, pick up that curling iron or flat iron and switch it up for your Valentine’s Day Quick Makeover Guide.

It’s the perfect excuse to try something new.

I have a head full of curls, so I straighten my hair for Valentines Day.

I would suggest you trying out this hairstyle at least once before Valentine’s Day, so you can find a hairstyle that you love.

Tip: Always protect your hair with heating protection spray or serum. Make sure you put some kind of heat protection in your hair before curling or straightening or your hair will end up dry, damaged, and frizzy.


Valentine's Day Quick Makeover Guide


If you don’t wear makeup often, this is the great time to do a full face of makeup.

Even if your guy loves your natural look, he will appreciate the thought you put into your date.

If you don’t wear foundation, give it a try for at least one day.

You will be surprised at how confident you will feel.

Here are two quick and easy looks that you can try.

  1. Fun and Flirty When I want a flirty look, I use light colors with a pop of pink. For your lips, apply pink lip liner over your full lip with a buttery pink lipstick or gloss on top of it. If you like shimmer, this is the perfect time for a shimmery gloss. You can do a light smoky eye look by using a light color, such as shimmery white, all over your lid up to your brow bone. Then add light brown on the outer corners of your eyes blending it into the crease, with a shimmery light gold on the inner corner. Make sure to apply at least 2 coats of mascara. Finally, you can finish your look with a pretty pink blush on the apples of your cheeks.
  2. Romantic For a romantic look I like to use darker colors. For your lips, apply a pretty red lip liner over your full lips and then top it with a nice red matte lipstick. You don’t want to overdo it with your makeup, so keep your eyes simple. Use a thin black eyeliner, creating a cat eye sweep. Then apply a dark black mascara, applying at least 2 coats. Finish your look off with a dark blush, maybe a taupe color, depending on your skin tone. Remember this is not an Office Makeup Look you are going for. 

Tip: Place lip liner over the full lip to make your lip color last longer. 



Finish your Valentine’s Day Quick Makeover Guide look with a nice dress and heels.

Be sure the dress color is complimentary to your makeup look.

This is especially nice if you never wear dresses.

Your guy will be completely surprised!

Tip: Be sure your makeup color is complimentary to your dress color. You don’t want to wear a red dress with pink makeup. A little black dress would be perfect because it matches everything.

I hope you enjoyed the Valentine’s Day Quick Makeover Guide.

Let me know how these looks worked for you.

I’d love to hear about your husbands reactions.

If you have any questions just comment below and I will help you out. 

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