Top Nail Trends of 2015

Top Nail Trends of 2015. What's hot and trendy this year?

One trend that is hot this year in nails: nail polish! 

There are a lot of ways to make a statement with your nails but even nude looking nails this season all have nail polish! 

Top Nail Trends of 2015

Reverse French manicure

The reverse French manicure is popular this year and easy to do. With this look the main part of your nail had the color on it and the tips are coated in a sheer topcoat or a lighter color. For example purple on the bottom and pale lavender on the top. A lot of these are delineated with a white line. 

Bold Bold Bold 

Bright corals, scarlet, mulberry and Crimson are all the rage. If you don’t make the color bold then make a bold pattern or something. Throw on some 3D gems. Just please, don’t be boring.

Stripes, lines, dashes and dots 

Lines, geometric shapes cool lines: all of these are great for 2015. The lines can be on a nude background or any other color that makes a contrast. 

Just the cuticle, please. 

A new look this season that is going strong is to paint a crescent moon in a contrasting color just along the line of where your cuticles would go if they were politely pushed back.  A more dramatic variation of this is to paint the entire nail, let it dry and then remove most of the polish. The trick is to leave the stuff at the cuticles but wipe the remover up and down only. Thisleaves cool looking lines around the cuticles that look almost like an aurora. 

3-Dimensional Drama Queen 

Gem stones, letters, built up colors, anything that is in 3D and glamorous is in style for 2015. 

Half Finished 

Painting half the nail or a third of the nail and leaving the rest nude. This is trending vertically or horizontally. You can use contrasting colors but the part nude look is a top trend.

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