5 Kid Friendly Ideas for the Single Parent’s Valentine’s Day


Here are some ideas for the single Parents Valentine’s Day to create a special time with your kids.


Here are some ideas for the single Parents Valentine's Day to create a special time with your kids.


Many single parents don’t relish the idea of Valentine’s Day because it can feel pretty lonely, but perhaps the trick is to change the perception.

It’s a holiday about love, and for parents there is no greater love than that they feel for their children.


Teach them a game or skill

Perhaps you’re really good at gin rummy, or can fix just about anything that breaks.

You can teach your teen to change the oil in the car or your younger child to cross stitch.

Tackle a bunch of skills all at once, or commit to one big project.

Ideas can come from anywhere; maybe your kids have seen you under the sink working on the pipes a dozen times, and you can show them how it all works in a less frustrating setting.

Just about any seemingly basic household or life skill can be a valuable lesson, and passing on that kind of special knowledge is a wonderful way to bond as a family.

These are just a few of the Ideas for the Single Parent’s Valentine’s Day.


Ideas for the Single Parent’s Valentine’s Day


Reverse roles: have your kids teach you something

Perhaps you have a daughter who’s a star basketball player, or a debate champion for a son.

Or maybe your child just really loves a certain book or video game.

Find something they’re passionate about and ask them to teach you about it. If it’s a video game, ask them to teach you to play.

If it’s a movie, watch together. Ask questions and try to appreciate it in the same way that they do.

It’s important to show a genuine interest in the things your kids love — especially if it’s not something you’re familiar with.


Get creative with a craft

There are endless Valentine’s Day projects or love-themed crafts you can devote your afternoon or evening to.

It can be as simple as making DIY Fortune Cookie Valentines Day Crafts or bake some Valentine’s Cupcakes with Chocolate Hearts.

Encourage your kids to be creative and celebrate their efforts throughout the project.


Here are some ideas for the single Parents Valentine's Day to create a special time with your kids.


Write and perform a play

Brainstorm a plot idea, whether it’s a brave knight battling a dragon or the story of Robin Hood.

You can even try creating a sequel to one of your kids’ favorite movies!

Write out a short play, throw together costumes with whatever’s around the house — the more creative, the better! — and then put on a performance.

You can even set up a tripod to capture the play on film to watch later.

Keep the whole experience light, and encourage your children to laugh past any “mistakes.”

The less pressure they feel, the more they’ll have fun and express themselves.


Head to a local sporting event

Depending on where you are you might be able to catch a local high school basketball or volleyball game, but any sport will do.

There might be a nearby indoor football or soccer arena, or perhaps you know someone who plays in a rec league.

Most kids can easily get on-board with cheering for the “home” team, and the excitement from actually being at a game is contagious.

You might even discover you want to start going to games regularly!


Celebrating the love you have for your kids is a rewarding way to spend your Valentine’s Day, especially if this year is particularly tough.

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Consider these Ideas for the Single Parent’s Valentine’s Day to have a uniquely happy holiday!

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