Is Your Drivetrain Right For You?

When you start the new car shopping process, it can seem overwhelming. Is Your Drivetrain Right For You?

Besides cost and financing, other factors come in to play as well. Paramount is comfort and size. If you are tall, perhaps a sub­compact is not for you. If you are small, a jacked-­up truck may not be the easiest thing for you to climb in and out of.

Is Your Drivetrain Right For You?

Some vehicles offer options when it comes to drivetrain. You can have an all wheel drive where each tire can spin independently, 4×4 or four wheel drive where the front and back tires all spin at the same time, front wheel drive where the power comes from the front and rear wheel drive where the power all comes from the back.

You need to decide which meets your needs. Do you do a lot of winter icy/snow driving, off- roading or other things which require more power and control? Then a 4×4 might be a good choice.

Rear wheel drive tends to spin out more in the winter so many people add extra weight to their back ends to get more traction.

If you’ve only ever seen snow in pictures, front, rear or all­ wheel drive are all good choices for you.

Again, it is all up to you to decide what meets your needs. But when you are sitting on the car lot and see the price of your SUV jumping up as you go from front to all ­wheel or four­ wheel drive, at least you will understand why.

What kind of drivetrain do you have?

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