Keeping Your Baby (Car) Clean

Keeping Your Baby (Car) Clean. My car is like my other baby.

It is the same age as my daughter, and generally stays about as clean as I expect my three ­year ­old to be.

While she gets a bath every night, my car is lucky to get one twice a year – spring and fall.

There are a lot of good reasons to keep your car clean – inside and out. Dirty glass can create safety issues if you can’t see out the windows properly. Dirt and mud can obscure lights and turn signals making it difficult for other drivers to see you.

A wet car can start to smell worse than hockey equipment. Winter is tough on cars. You constantly bring snow into your car but it rarely gets completely dry. Normally it warms up just enough to melt the snow and get wetter. I often try and shake off the frozen mats to help with the moisture issue.

Right now, my car is also covered in a lovely shade of salt grey when she should be looking more like Smurfette.

I know she needs a bath to help prevent rust but I’m holding off until the weather gets warmer or spring actually comes.

What else can you recommend to keep your car healthy?



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