Other Uses for Dryer Sheets

Other Uses For Dryer Sheets

While dryer sheets are great for softening your clothes and getting rid of static cling, the job of dryer sheets doesn’t just stop there. Here are some other uses for dryer sheets.

Pots and pans cleaner – Dryer sheets are actually great for cleaning pots and pans. Just fill a piece of cookware that has stuck on or baked on food with hot water and add a dryer sheet. Then just let it sit overnight and the next morning, it will clean with ease.

Diaper bag freshener – Many people may not think of this but keeping dryer sheets in a diaper bag is a great idea. By sticking a few sheets in the diaper bag, it helps give the bag a fresh, clean smell.

Paint brush cleaner – Dryer sheets are extremely effective in cleaning paint brushes. All you need to do is add the paint brush and a dryer sheet into a container of hot water. Within just a few minutes, the brushes will be clean once again.

Fire starter – If you are having a campfire and suddenly realize you have nothing to get the fire going with, dryer sheets can help. You can use these not only with a campfire but with a fireplace as well. Just take an empty paper towel or toilet paper tube and stuff the inside with dryer sheets and some lint from the dyer.

Screen duster – TV screens and computer screens can easily be dusted with dryer sheets. They work well for this purpose, even after being used in the dryer, because they have anti-static properties. Also, they work well in repelling any future dust.

Shoe refresher – Shoes get nasty stinky sometimes but dryer sheets can help with odor control. Just stuff a used sheet into your shoes to reduce the awful smell.

Pet hair remover – If you have pets, you know that pet hair can be a huge issue. Dryer sheets can help with removing pet hair. Just wipe a dryer sheet over clothes or cloth furniture and it will swipe the pet hair right up.

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