Importance of Gardening with Your Kids

Importance of Gardening with Your Kids

We are lucky in that our kids love fruits and vegetables, but not all parents are that lucky.

One of the greatest things about having bought our own home is that we now have a garden.

Growing a garden with your kids is a great summer pastime, there are so many things that you can all learn through the spring and summer.

Importance of Gardening with Your Kids

Healthy Foods

The best thing about growing a family garden would be that you have this great opportunity to teach them and introduce them to health foods.

They will be more likely to try to new fruits and vegetables if they are watching them grow, and more importantly, helping them grow.

Learning New Skills

More and more you hear about the importance of technology for the new generation, well, what about trade skills, or life skills?

Those things, those careers that require life skills aren’t going to go away.

Your kids can learn what it takes to keep a garden growing, such as watering and weeding regularly.

Depending on what your plans are for harvest time, let them help with preserving of your produce. Let them snack too!

Learn Science

Your child will without question be asking you questions through the garden season.

It you are starting from seeds, your child is going to get you watch everything about growing plants. Including photosynthesis.

Time for you to start reading on this topic perhaps? Check out our suggested reading below.

Whatever you decide to plant, make sure you include your kids.

If they learn nothing else, nor eat anything new, you will have spent some great time together this summer.

Finally, remember to have fun.

If things don’t go as planned, then your kids will learn that sometimes planning does not always go our way.

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