Mini Foosball Tables

Mini Foosball Tables help if you are you a huge fan of soccer?

You might just fall in love with Minigols, just like we have!

There’s something special about these games.

Mini Foosball Tables

These mini foosball tables and foosball players are unique in so many ways.

First of all, you have the cool mini Foosball tables, which there is a variety to choose from.

I love the themes that these foosball tables are made from.

The quality is also quite superb as well. The foosball tables are easy to maneuver and set up!

If you’d like to play Minigols as an adult, you can actually remove the legs from the unit.

Minigols: Mini Foosball Tables

Team Action Figures

In my opinion, this is what sets them apart from the rest of the foosball competition.

You can actually swap out the teams as you wish.

There’s nothing more fun than being able to adjust the players and the teams as you see fit!

The team action figures are really cool up close, they put a lot of detail into each teammate.


Minigols has always been a huge hit in Europe, but now the Minigols phenomenon is hitting the United States.

Thanks to efforts from About Time, Inc., official distributor of Minigols in the U.S., and located in Laredo, Texas.

Learn more about Minigols for yourself by checking out their website.

Last but not least, this fabulous brand is also on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 


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