Getting Your Kids to Eat more Vegetables

Getting your kids to eat more vegetables isn’t always easy. 

Getting your kids to eat more vegetables isn't always easy. 

Not all kids fight eating the vegetables on their plates, but there are those that will not touch them no matter how you dress them up.

Maybe you or your spouse won’t eat them either.

Vegetables are such an important part of our daily nutrient, especially  for growing bodies.

Getting your kids to eat more vegetables isn’t always easy. 


Getting Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables

I have spent the last 5 years making sure that we are eating healthy.

I have been pretty lucky in that all three of them (so far) eat their vegetables no problem.

In fact, they’ll often choose the healthy snack over junk food… they don’t get that from me!

But if your little ones need a vegetable boost there are some simple ways to do just that.

I do it even with great eaters.

We could all use a boost.

My favorite add-in is shredded or pureed carrots.

I add them to meatloaf and meatballs each and every time, half a cup mixed in and no one will know the difference.


There are many vegetable add-ins out there

I have tried a lot of them, and they are honestly really good

  • Cauliflower in mashed potatoes (2 large potatoes, 2 cups of cauliflower, cooked then mashed together).
  • Pureed sweet potato in soup or stew, makes a great thickener. 
  • Squash pureed in mac n’ cheese.
  • Carrots, peppers in pizza sauce. What kid doesn’t love pizza?
  • One vegetable that I recently tried and fell in love with is leek. If cooked long enough, such as in a slow cooker along with the recipe you are adding it into, it disappears, thickening your recipe. My recipe for Creamy Potato Leek Soup is amazing, both my 5 and 3-year-olds love it.
  •  We also make baked sweet potato fries. Healthier than store made ones as they aren’t fried, a little garlic powder and onion salt and they are beyond delicious

You can find many more ideas like these in Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook’s Deceptively Delicious and Double Delicious!

Her ideas are amazing, and the little stories she includes in the book about her family are hilarious.

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