How To Plan A Summer Picnic

How To Plan A Summer Picnic

There is really nothing better in the summer than a picnic. Having a picnic is an activity that is fun and completely affordable. It does take a little bit of planning though so here are some tips for planning a summer picnic.

How to Plan a Summer Picnic

Choose your location

Picnics can be really anywhere you heart desires. You can have your picnic at the beach, at the park, in the mountains or even in your backyard. Thinking about what amenities you might need, may help you decide your location. For instance, do you have small children that may need to use the restroom often? Think about how easy the location is to get to if you have elderly folks going along with you on your picnic. If you have a dog that you want to bring along, be sure the location is pet-friendly.

Plan out your menu

When choosing the foods for your picnic, consider foods that will not spill during travel and that can be made at home in advance. You should choose foods that are finger foods and don’t need any cutting like steak. Some good food ideas include sandwiches, potato chips, cheese and crackers, cut up fresh fruit and trail mix. For drinks, you can pack bottles of water, soda or juice so you don’t have to bring cups with you.

Consider your activities

While picnics are usually about the delicious foods, you also want to plan activities to enjoy the warm weather and good company. For fun family activities, consider bringing a soccer ball, Frisbee, bubbles, kite or baseball and baseball bat. If sports are not your thing, bring some playing cards or board games to occupy your time.

Pack essential items you will need

Besides the food and fun, there are some other essentials you will need to pack. You will need sunscreen, bug repellent, napkins, wet wipes (for sticky hands), plastic cups (if you don’t have bottles), paper plates, plastic utensils, trash bags (for trash disposal), blanket and salt and pepper shakers.

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