Toddler Skin Care Routine – From Winter to Spring

I am not sure where you live but here in South Western Ontario (Canada) we have had a brutal winter. It has been cold and snowy (the most snow I can remember – ever). Toddler Skin Care Routine – From Winter to Spring.

If you have lived in a cold climate you probably understand my frustrations of trying to keep up with a skin care routine when you are going from hot (inside a nice heated home) to cold (anywhere outside). It is hard enough keeping my skin care in check let alone my 2 year old’s (BG).

Toddler Skin Care Routine - From Winter to Spring

Toddler Skin Care Routine – From Winter to Spring

I was thrilled when Aveeno contacted me and asked if I tried out their Aveeno Baby body wash and moisturizer.

BG has always had some sort of minor skin problem. Right now she has rough patches on the side of her thighs. It feels like many small raised bumps although you can only feel not see them.

I was hoping using Aveeno Baby daily moisturizer every day for 7 days would clear it right up. It didn’t. Actually after a few days of continual use it made BG’s skin a little greasy. I may have used too much. I will say it worked wonders for my hands. After applying the moisturizer on my hands every day the rough and dryness I was getting cleared right up. I sometimes find when my skin is dry and I put on moisturizer it stings a little. I did not have and stinging with Aveeno baby.

My Husband Likes it!

My husband also liked using the daily moisturizer on his hands. He delivers pizza and would go from putting his hands in hot, soapy water (washing dishes) to outside in frigid winter temperatures. It was causing havoc on his skin. He was forming crevices on his hands where his skin would get so dry it would crack. Not only was it gross it was painful. Aveeno Baby daily moisturizer, although not designed as a hand cream, worked for him. He also liked how quickly the moisturizer absorbed in his skin. 

Aveeno Baby daily moisturizer may have fell a little flat with BG but she loved the Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo. She is a huge fan of bubble baths. The shampoo is not designed as a bubble bath but it works very well as one. I will say we went through an entire bottle of the Wash & Shampoo in three weeks using it as a bubble bath and shampoo.

Baby Doesn’t Like getting her Hair Washed

I liked using the Wash & Shampoo as a bubble bath because BG HATES, no really HATES, getting her hair washed (or touched, or brushed, or …). We only wash her hair once a week because my soul just cannot take trying to wash it more frequently. The Wash & Shampoo was pretty gentle. I was able to use the bath water as a rinse and one time she did not even scream (not once!). For us that is a huge achievement. Aveeno Baby did not hurt her eyes (they did not go red). Any protests from her were just because she does not like her hair touched and not because of the product.

Toddler Skin Care Routine - From Winter to Spring with #AveenoBabies

BG loving her Aveeno Wash & Shampoo. Waiting to her her face washed.

BG also likes that the cap of the Wash & Shampoo is blue

As a 2 year old these things matter. My only hesitation with using Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo in our daily bath time is the scent. The Wash & Shampoo is scented. To me is smells a little like baby powder. We do not use scented products in our home and even make our own laundry wash and hand soap to ensure it is not scented. The scent is not over powering but in a household that does not use any it is stronger than I would like.

Because BG responded so well to the Wash & Shampoo I think we are going to buy another bottle for days we wash her hair and use an unscented product for regular bath days.

Overall I really like the Aveeno Baby products and since my husband and I both liked and used them it will be something we use in the future. I like having one product for all three family members. Less clutter in the bath room :).

Try Aveeno Baby for your family. Click here to get a $1.00 off coupon. 

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