Ways to Remove Nail Polish Without Polish Remover

Ways to Remove Nail Polish Without Polish Remover

Whether you find yourself allergic to certain nail polish removers or simply cannot handle the smell, there are a multitude of other ways in which you can remove your nail polish without the abrasive scent or feel of a store-bought remover. With this guide, you will discover many different methods to removing nail polish with basic items you likely already have in your home arsenal.

Ways to Remove Nail Polish Without Polish Remover

Spray deodorant

Most spray deodorants consist of solvents which can be fantastic removers for virtually any tough cleaning ranging from nail polish to markers. You can start by spraying the deodorant as close to the nails as possible without injury from freeze burns. Next, you’ll need to rub your nails with a handkerchief of a napkin. While the polish won’t disappear immediately, you must persist until the polish is completely removed which may take a few times.

Top coat

Locate a top coat nail polish or really any nail polish you may have on hand. Apply it to your nails and quickly rub off with a cotton ball. Almost any nail polish will come off quickly this way. For more stubborn polishes, simply repeat steps.

Body spray

For those of you who don’t have spray deodorant in the cabinet, body spray or even perfume can be excellent methods of nail polish removal. These all have similar elements that work the same way. To start, spray a cotton ball or even the fluffy end of a q tip in order to get the most out of your spray before pressing your applicator against the squirting nozzle. Finally, just rub the applicator against your nail until all polish has been removed.


Just about everyone has some form of hairspray in their home. This is extremely lucky as it is a wonderful way to remove nail polish given its chemical makeup. Simply spray onto a cotton ball or q tip much as you would with the above removers and rub until polish is completely removed. This may or may not take a few rubs.

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