5 Ways to Keep Your House Clean With Kids Around

Having young kids and keeping your house clean and tidy can seem like trying to achieve the impossible – we have created this list of 5 Ways to Keep Your House Clean With Kids Around.

It is every parent’s dream, just imagine walking around your home; everything is packed away, all the laundry is complete, and there are (gasp) no dishes in the sink…what a beautiful world that would be!

The thing with kids is that they love to play and learn, which is often a messy experience.

There are five ways that you can keep a clean house while happily raising your little ones, so read on for some cleanspiration.

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Focus On Decluttering

The biggest problem with kids is that they tend to create large pockets of clutter everywhere they go.

They love to unpack cupboards and drawers, but unfortunately – they never repack them.

Children learn by exploring their environments which tends to leave a lot of clutter.

Start your routine by focusing on minimizing this clutter.

Get boxes to store their toys and books, and then make sure that everything gets packed away in these boxes at the end of the day.

Set A Routine

Setting a routine for cleaning your home is the easiest way to stay on top of things.

Draw up a list of what cleaning needs to be completed each day and then work around your kids to get these tasks done.

Take advantage of their nap times by catching up on the laundry one day, then dusting the next, and so on.

You’ll soon find yourself falling into a comfortable cleaning routine and you will also raise a responsible child at the same time.

Get A Dishwasher

Dirty dishes are your mortal enemy; they bring pests and teach your children that it’s okay to leave the kitchen in a mess.

If you are already struggling with pest infestation, consult the ultimate guide for getting rid of them.

Once your kitchen is clean and you’re pest-free, invest in a dishwasher.

Dishwashers will save you so much time and you’ll be able to keep your kitchen sparkling clean with little effort on your part.

Get The Kids Involved

If your kids are older, you can get them involved in helping you clean and tidy up the house.

Kids can be surprisingly well-focused when they’re given a task to complete.

Incentivize them by creating fun games or coming up with a simple reward system for helping, like a star chart.

Once your child has earned enough stars, you can give them a small treat.


The most important advice you can get is that it is okay if you can’t do everything, every day.

It’s better if you just focus on the priority cleaning jobs until you get into a fluid rhythm.

If you break the tasks into smaller chunks they will be easier to get through.

Don’t try to take on too much; you will just end up burning yourself out.

Once you’ve worked out the tasks that need to be done daily, you can work the less urgent tasks into your weekly and monthly cleaning schedules.

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