Accessorize Your Car?

Accessorize Your Car?

Are you a long commuter, short commuter or do you drive your car all day long for work? How do you Accessorize your Car?

The answer to that question should make a difference to the type of vehicle you drive and the accessories you include in it.

I’ve always felt my car was a second home. I want to be comfortable it so features like heated seats, a good stereo and even advanced steering­ wheel ­mounted control are important to me. Even something as silly as the intermittent windshield­ wiper setting is important because off, medium and high speed don’t always do the best job.

Understand Option Packages Available

It is very important to understand all the option packages available even when you are shopping for a used car. Often you will pay a fraction of an expensive option package in the actual car value. For example, a Technology Package that includes Blue Tooth compatibility and MP3 connectivity would cost thousands when the car was new but the actual increased value of the used car may only be several hundred dollars. Some import cars have engine option packages that can cost $10,000 but as a used car the difference between a 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder engine may only be a thousand dollars.

When you are buying a car, think about the extras you want or need after you’ve figured out the make and model and colour. Hear our thoughts on this post about accessories.

Is there a feature on your vehicle you absolutely can’t live without? Let us know.


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