The Halloween Dilemma: Costumes, Characters and So Much More!

The Halloween Costumes Dilemma: Characters and So Much More!

I don’t know about your kiddies but as soon as school starts mine know this means fall is almost here and for them fall automatically equals Halloween.

From the first day of school through til October 30th they are in complete planning mode.

They must solve The Halloween Dilemma: Costumes, Characters and So Much More!

Not only are they determined to out do themselves from the year before but they also want to make sure they get a chance to play dress up as their favorite characters with all the fixins, accessories and add-ons possible.

Before I can say Labor Day my Kiddies are already staking out their favorite cartoons, movies and super heroes for costume ideas and requests.

Guess what?

I love it.

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The Halloween Dilemma: Costumes, Characters and so much more!

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The Halloween Dilemma: Costumes, Characters and So Much More!

So far my Kiddies have been Princesses, Toy Doctors, Super Heroes, Kitty Cats, Fairy Tale favorites and even Fairies themselves.

Throw in a Nerd Girl from Momma and we have covered just about every genre of Halloween Costumes we could find.

Yet we are always on the hunt for more. When we dress up we dress out.

Costumes, makeup, wigs, shoes, accessories all the way to matching candy haul bags.

No one could ever accuse us of underachieving – LOL.

We always focus on their favorite shows and characters, the quirky sides of our personalities and basically just keeping it fun light hearted and kiddie friendly.

This has lead to Halloween becoming a much anticipated tradition in our family.

So not even 1 week into September we are already planning out our costumes.

That’s right…our…Momma almost always joins in the costume fun!

So far this year we have on our list of ideas a few frigid sisters, a high flying superheroe and Momma is thinking of something along the lines of a recently famous blessing bestowing fairy who we now know what terribly misunderstood.


You don’t have to DIY

Now granted, I am not the most DIY-iest of Mommas so store bought is usually the way to go for us.

I have been known to combine a bit of store bought with my own little tweaks here and there.

Still this usually calls for planning because a lot of the popular costumes and accessories can get sold out before October even arrives.

We rely on several different party stores, bulk buy stores and of course my favorite online resources.

Luckily I have not disappointed any of our 6 Kiddies yet and they have always been able to make their Halloween dilemmas less dilemma and more memories made.

I hope to keep that streak running for this year as well. 

When the day arrives we participate in school costume parades, local events and of course the candy hand-out tradition right in our own neighborhood.

To us, Halloween Costumes: is simply another day we get to make memories and moments together as a family with a bit of dress up added for fun. 

How do you approach Halloween?

Do you go for the PG13 Version or R Rated?

What are your costumes?

Homemade, store bought or a combination of both?

Have you started your Halloween costumes plans yet?


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