New Home Cleaning Checklist

It’s all about the new house these days – check out our New Home Cleaning Checklist.

It's all about the new house these days - check out our New Home Cleaning Checklist.

When we bought our first house, the owner came to the closing groggy from staying up late all week cleaning.

Or so she said.

However, when we arrived the place felt…yucky.

There was even food in the fridge!  Ack!

Our new home isn’t nearly that bad, BUT, as my mother-in-law says, “Their dirt is not our dirt.”

In other words, what might be clean enough for day to day life if you tracked in the dirt yourself is not clean enough in a new house.


New Home Cleaning Checklist


Hair from pets you don’t personally love is not lovely.

Here’s my list for preparing to move-in:

Cleaning Bathroom

Scrub sink
Sanitise toilet
Check for mold and use appropriate cleaner in Shower
Clean mirror with Windex
Sweep out and wipe down inside of linen closet
Clean out and wipe down cabinet under sink
Clean and Wipe out medicine cabinet


New Home Cleaning Checklist


Cleaning the Kitchen

Clean cabinets inside and out, including top
Sanitise microwave inside and out
Scrub toaster inside and out
Wipe down refrigerator inside and out and top
Clean sink
Use stove top cleaner and polish stove top
Clean oven and insert oven liner
Vacuum and sanitise railings on stairs and railings


Cleaning Throughout the House

Sweep, including baseboards
Vacuum and/or map as applicable
Shampoo carpet
Wipe down switchplates and doorknobs with antibacterial wipe
Dust ceiling fans and any ledges, chair rails, window and door frames or whatever there is that collects dust.
Furniture if present.
Closet rails (ever dusted those? They get black with grime!)
Get any cobwebs out of corners


Clean inside and, if they tip in, outside and wipe down inside of frame, windowsill.
Dust blinds


Suck out heating registers with shop vac.


Wipe with damp cloth or wipe.
Clean inside of washing machine and dryer.

Outdoor Clean-up:

Conduct a thorough review of the Sidewalks, Lawn and Flower Beds – the entire area around your home.
Sweep the sidewalks and walkways.
Rake debris from the lawn and flower beds.

One last secret: I’m hiring someone to help me with all this, this time!

What do you think?

What did I leave out?

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