Emily Corpse Bride Makeup Tutorial

Emily Corpse Bride makeup is the perfect Halloween costume.

Emily Corpse Bride makeup is the perfect Halloween costume.

It is fun, colourful and a little quirky. 

Looking for more Halloween ideas? 

Emily Corpse Bride Makeup Tutorial

There are only a few supplies needed to complete this Corpse Bride Makeup look.

First, I mixed 2/3 parts white cream base and 1/3 part blue eye shadow.

If you have a blue cream base makeup, you could use it as well – just make sure you don’t use too much blue or it’ll be too dark.

Adding a bit of green also gives that perfect Corpse Bride look.

Next, you’ll create your new eyes.

These are basically big egg shapes.

I did a few coats of the white cream makeup, and then added some white powder eye shadow on top to make it more matte – and so it wouldn’t crease as easily.

Corpse Bride Makeup Step 1

After the whites for your eyes are dry (it just takes a minute or so), do a quick outline with a darker blue eye shadow than the one you used for your face.

I also did some shading on my cheeks and nose here, as you can see in the pictures.

The blue around your eyes should be set now.

Using black liquid eyeliner, trace over the blue ring you just put around your eyes.

You don’t have to cover it completely, just try to hold your elbow on a steady surface so it’s a smooth line rather than a jagged/crooked one.


Emily Corpse Bride Makeup Step 2

Now we’re going to create your second set of “eyes”.

Draw a small circle/oval shape using your liquid eyeliner, as shown in the photo above.

Draw on your eyebrows, and eyelashes as well.

Finish the shading on the side of your face with the liquid eyeliner, drawing what looks like teeth – this is part of the Corpse Bride’s rotting face look!

Adding a final touch, use the liquid eyeliner to make triangles on your nose.

The best way to do this is to draw a small outline then fill it in.

The Corpse Bride wears a dress, a rotting veil, and a headband of huge flowers, so add these to your look to make it a complete costume.


Corspe Bride Makeup Step 3

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