The Best Halloween Lipstick Colors

The Best Halloween Lipstick Colors


Whether you’re painting your face for Halloween, dressing in a costume, or going out as your beautiful self, you can incorporate a festive Halloween lipstick into your look.

There is a ton of lipstick colors that are perfect for Halloween.

What I love is that you don’t need to go to a costume store or a special boutique to get these lipsticks.

The best deals are found right in your nearest retail stores.

The key is to shop in the regular makeup sections, rather than the “Halloween” aisles.

Here are a few colors that you may already have in your makeup collection.


The Best Halloween Lipstick Colors

Dull Purple

Purple lipsticks are on the rise this year.

The chances are that you have a purple shade in your collection somewhere.

The dull purple color is what’s really in this year.

I love this color for Halloween because it’s on trend and it gives your lips that dull, lifeless look but has a pop of color.

Costume Ideas: Zombie Princess, Living Dead Doll

Color Recommendations: Ghoulish from LA Splash Cosmetics

Gray and Silver

Grays and silvers are perfect for so many Halloween costumes.

I personally wear gray lipstick year round because it’s so pretty!

I think that the right gray can replace your favorite nude color.

Like I said before, gray gives your lips a cold and lifeless look.

You can even use it on parts of your face for a bruised look.

Silver colors are great for futuristic and metallic looks!

Costume Ideas: Robots, Woman from the Future, Zombie “Frozen” Princess

Color Recommendations: Ghoulish OG from LA Splash Cosmetics, Trap from Colour Pop 


Most likely you have a coral color in your makeup bag right now.

Check out your summer lip colors?

They can totally be used for Halloween!

If you don’t have the orange you are looking for, head to your nearest drug store or retail store.

You can find a ton of orange shades in the regular makeup aisles.

Costume Ideas: Jack-O-Lantern, Effie Trinket from Hunger Games, Human Candy Corn

Color Recommendations: Coral Sheen from Maybelline

Dark Red

Red is an obvious Halloween lipstick.

I like using really deep and dark reds during Halloween though.

The darker the red, the darker the look!

Depending on the look I am going for, I pair this with black winged eyeliner.

If you invest in a good lipstick, you can wear it year round!

Costume Ideas: Little Red Riding Hood, Vampire, Dorothy, Harley Quinn

Color Recommendations: Russian Red from Mac Cosmetics


This is a Halloween staple and we all know it.

Black lipstick can transform any look into a dark and creepy one.

You need a nice black lipstick, though.

I recommend a matte finish because you don’t want black smeared all over your face and teeth while you’re out on the town.

You can even use a black eye/lip pencil to cover your full lip.

This will make the colors last all night.

Costume Ideas: Wicked Witch, Cute Kitten, Cat Woman

Color Recommendations: Weirdo from Jeffree Star Cosmetics

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