Gardening On A Budget

Gardening On A Budget

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Spring is over and gardening season is on my mind and right now gardening on a budget is important!

Gardening has many advantages and can easily save you money on your grocery budget if you are growing vegetables or herbs. 

I love getting my kids involved as much as possible.

My daughter and I grew a few herbs last year and she really enjoyed helping out with the upkeep.

This year I’d like to get all of my kids involved but do not want to spend a fortune for all my kids to have their own garden. 

Gardening on a Budget 

Start with a plan. You need to do some research into what types of vegetables you want to grow.

The best way to decide is to try to grow what your family eats most of to keep your costs down at the grocery store.

Make sure you research what will work best with your climate and space you have available to plant. 

Start Small

If you have never grown a garden or do not have a green thumb you want to start out small which works well for gardening on a budget.

Using the container method will not only save you space in your backyard but this gives you a chance to use items you already have to start planting.

That old coffee mug, basket lying around the house or even egg cartons work perfectly.

By using this method you can test out what works best with sunlight and your specific climate.

This is a great benefit to keeping pests away as well.

You can easily move the planter on a table or inside a patio to avoid them eating away at your efforts.

If your garden has some large trees competing for sunlight nearby check out Los Angeles arborists for gardening advice.

Start with Seeds

Buying a pack of seeds is very cost effective.

You can usually find them for a few dollars at a hardware store or a nursery.

You do not even need to use the whole packet.

By only using half you can cut costs even more with trading the rest with a friend or neighbor.

This is basically your own two for one sale. 

Freeze the Leftovers

If your garden supplies endless vegetables or herbs you can freeze it.

Most vegetables can be blanched and frozen.

In fact, I like to do is semi freeze them on a cookie sheet once they are blanched then I toss them into a Ziploc bag.

This prevents them from sticking to each other once they are frozen.

To summarize my thoughts; are that Gardening on a Budget is possible with a little planning, research and creativity.

Just think of what a investment of seeds will save you at the grocery store. In short, I can’t wait to give it another try this year. 

If you are a gardener I’d love to hear your budget tips as well.

Do you plan on giving gardening a try this year? 

How do you manage gardening on a Budget?

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