Why Holiday Traditions Are Important

Holiday traditions. We all have our own traditions in our families. Its something to look forward to each year that the whole family gets involved in but do you ever think why they are so important? 

holiday traditions


We have created traditions in our family as it grew. No TV during dinner, we talk about our day. Friday night is movie night. Every other Sunday is family day. But the holiday traditions are the ones I look forward to the most. 


Why Holiday Traditions Are Important


Making Memories 

Memories last a lifetime. After my mom passed away I quickly realized all the special things she did for us as kids especially for Christmas. I now do all of those things for my kids. It’s my way of showing my kids what Christmas was all about in my family. For me it’s the feeling of my mom is still with us for Christmas. I make her famous Christmas cookies for Santa. We all decorate the tree together while listening to Christmas music or watching her favorite movie It’s A Wonderful Life.

My husband and I have added our own tradition driving through a local Christmas light show. Ever since my first child was only 6 months old we have gone. Sure we have sleeping children sometimes but its a memory I will never forget going every year. 

True Family Time

All of our holiday traditions we always unplug. That means no cell phones, no emails and no video games. We come together as a family uninterrupted to enjoy each others company. I love these moments where I can actually listen to each of my kids without distraction.

We have had our best talks decorating the tree together this year. Now that each of my kids have bloomed into their own personality, it’s so fun to hear what they have to say and what they can bring into a conversation. 

Teaches Values

Teaching our children that making family time a priority is so important to me. By us coming together as a family creates comfort in children, a sense of belonging. They crave that. 

We take this time to teach them the importance of helping in our family and helping others. Its not just about the presents Santa brings but the special traditions we have created as a family. 

Do you have any holiday traditions in your family?

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