Being A Fit Stay At Home Mom

Being A Fit Stay At Home Mom

You spend everyday, all day taking the best care of your children. Maybe you’re even working too through the day at a job that allows you to stay home while raising your children. 

One struggle a lot of us seem to have is that we need to take care of our self, keeping fit or just active to keep up with your kids, instead of pushing your needs to the back burner. 

Just standing and walking more is a great start! Instead of sitting and blowing bubbles for your kids, stand! Instead of driving a five minutes to check the mail, walk!

Now, I’m an early morning person. I rise almost as soon as the sun does in the summer. This gives me time to not only work on my site, but to work on me too. I get bored doing the same thing day after day, so I have a list of different quick workouts that I rotate between. 

Quick, work hard, move your body to get sweating, it’s not the length of a workout that counts but how you use the time you have. There are some great short videos, between 5 and 10 minutes that you can find on PopSugar.

If you’re not a morning person maybe you can squeeze in a workout here and there between running errands or housework, or if you’re children are younger, naptime.

Depending on your children’s ages and activity levels, they might be interested in getting up and moving with you, even my one year old tries to copy our movements. Being active is a great way to role model being active for your kids. Let’s all be a better role model for our kids and others.

How do you stay active as a stay at home or work at home parent?

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