Celebrate Canada 150 without Breaking the Bank

Canada's 150 year celebration

This year is Canada’s 150th birthday, are you going to be out celebrating this Canada Day in style or maybe you are looking for a more relaxed way to spend the day. 

Celebrate Canada 150 without Breaking the Bank


Bananas and strawberries are perfect for arranging in the shape of a flag, for making some tasty fruit kabobs.

A delicious, healthy snack for everyone.

Maybe you want to serve foods that are distinctly Canadian such as poutine, Nanaimo Bars, butter tarts or even better, beaver tails.

All of which you can make yourself at home for cheaper than you would in store or out and about on Canada Day.

Head out to the store quickly, and pick up a couple cookie cutters and turn your favorite sugar cookie recipe into moose, maple leaves and more.


Simply with red paint and white paper you and your kids can make your own Canada flag.

Simply color the ends and use your hand (print) for the maple leaf in the middle!

You could also do this on a white t-shirt just painting off the red blocks to paint on the sides.

National Anthem

Teach your children the national anthem if they don’t currently know it.

Maybe they learned it while getting ready to watch hockey games as mine did.

We are Canadian!


There are a lot of amazing books all about Canada, for all ages that you can sit down and read together as a family, just check out your local library to find some.

Family and Friends

Have family and friends over for a potluck dinner at your home (if you’re looking to upgrade, check out nice condos from Precondo here).

Then serve some of the food mentioned earlier and enjoy it before, during or after parades and/or fireworks display.

This is our preferred way to spend Canada Day.

Everyone has fun talking, hanging out, and kids are always sure to have fun playing together.

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