Connecting As A Family! How To Make Summer Memories That Last.

Connecting As A Family! How To Make Summer Memories That Last.

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This fall my twins will be 8. I am so not ready for that. This brought me to a thought about a month ago. I have memories from when I was their age.

This summer – no excuses – we need to make some memories.

I want to begin traditions as a family that we can continue doing in years to come. Together my husband and I sat and talked about things we liked doing either now or when we were younger and came up with what we want our kids to be a part of. Very quickly our months started filling up. Not necessarily all with our own to-do list, there was other events in there that helped fill us up quickly.

So what was our #1 thing we wanted to do as family? We want to go camping.

I went camping as a family growing up and some of my best summer time memories are from being at the lake. This is something we have never done as a full family. We did it last year with only our daughter – but my boys weren’t with us. This time we want to include them all. What is the best part about where we want to go? There will be no technology!! Surprisingly, I am excited for this. I am sure it will be hardest on me to not be able to have my cell phone attached to me. But I really think it will be great for everyone. The kids could watch a movie on their portable dvd players if they wanted. There will be no internet access or cell connection though. We spent time last weekend going to some different campgrounds in our area. We found one at a local provincial park that the kids seemed to like. There is a huge park, a beach, and walking trails. I’m sure we will find lots to do.

With camping happening 2-3 times over the summer, a baseball tournament to support Breast Cancer, our wedding, kids camp and swimming lessons, we are sure to be kept on our toes all summer long! I’ll be honest, aside from my wedding, I am most excited for camping! I’m excited to disconnect from technology and connect with my kids and my family.

Growing up, the best memories I have of my family is just being together. I need to bring that back to my kids.

What are you looking forward to this summer? Any plans to disconnect from technology?

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