It’s that Time of Year, Time to Play WITH your Children

Time to Play WITH your ChildrenIt’s officially summer-time and the warm weather us upon us. It’s time to play with your children. Play with my children, really? Yes, really. Being outside in the fresh air, moving around, exploring and creating memories as a family is a great way to spend time together. You don’t need to plan an elaborate day of activities, just keep it simple and have FUN!

I believe the best way to build a relationship with children is to spend time with them, be silly with them, learn with them but most of all be present with them. It’s great if you want to sit and watch your children play at the park, I do it occasionally. It’s even better when you climb on a few playground toys and see the surprise on their face when your children catch you having fun with them.

There is nothing easier to say “go play” and then go with them but what is there to do?

Here is a list of ten activities you can try together:

  • Hike on a local trail and discover what you find along the path.
  • Create a scavenger hunt for you to search of treasures in your back yard.
  • Get a ball and go to your local school to play soccer, basketball or baseball.
  • Teach them one of your favourite childhood games: 4 square, skipping etc.
  • Pack a picnic and head to a park; explore the site for the best spot to settle and enjoy your surroundings.
  • Collect all your paint chips and see if you can find those colours in the woods.
  • Go to your local beach, lake or outdoor pool and swim together.
  • Play hop scotch outdoors with caulk (on a rainy day use painters tape on your floor inside the house).
  • Buy some flowers to plant and water them daily together (or plant vegetables and take care of them as they grow).
  • Go to your local library and get a few books out. Take your books to a park and sit under a tree to read them together.


Don’t be afraid to do your own thing or ask your children what they want to do – they may just surprise you. Being active together outside will help create memories, build relationships but most of all you will have fun together. Your children will look at you a little different and remember how much fun they had playing with you.

What’s your favourite summer time activities to do outside ?


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