Having a Baby on a Budget. What a Baby Doesn’t Need

Check out our tips for how to have a baby on a budget and specifically what a baby DOESN'T need!

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Our post Having a Baby on a Budget: What Your Baby Really Needs is one of our most popular posts. It has some great tips on how to be frugal when having a baby but what about all of that other ‘stuff’ people say you need when having a baby?

Having A Baby On A Budget:  What Baby Doesn’t Need

I asked our amazing contributors what they spent money on and wish they hadn’t.  There are many items that just aren’t as useful to some as the advertisements lead you to believe.  Having a baby on a budget means avoiding some expenses that just aren’t necessary for your baby to be happy and healthy. 

Check out our contributors answers about what to avoid buying for the baby below:

Baby Bullet– I pictured myself using a Baby Bullet to make all my homemade jars of baby food but it just wasn’t big enough. Honestly my blender worked much better and since my blender is glass and not plastic it did not get stained from the carrot puree like the Baby Bullet did.  Using what I already had on hand was a much better way to have a baby on a budget. 

Wipe Warmer and Diaper Genie– I did not have either of these things for my daughter and not once did I think the wipes were not warm enough for her. I also did not have a problem with the garbage smelling. I changed the bag twice a week. I am glad I did not spend the dough as Jenn Decker said she tossed hers out rather quickly.

The Latest and Greatest – I bought most of my baby items used or had them passed down to me (I did have one or two splurges). Tammy Doiel said “the baby doesn’t know if it’s the newest or latest version. Used is great in almost anything (except car seats).”  

Skinny JeansBabies should be comfortable. They have a big job to do with growing and learning. Catherine’s (Flipsize) babies wear mainly sleepers for the first 3-4 months. Because let’s face it seeing babies squished into stiff jeans just does not look comfortable.

Bumbo – I loved my Bumbo but I did not use it long. My daughter fit into it for 6 weeks max. Anna (Piper’s Run) said her two girls sat in it about 5 times in total. Not worth the price. Let’s reserve the Bumbo for the ‘if you get it used or super cheap’ pile.

Baby Shoes Under 6 Months – I cannot even count how many pairs of shoes I have that my daughter never wore. Erin agrees. It’s hard to find shoes that will stay on a newborn’s foot, I had a winter baby so I used little cloth booties. Socks are more than what is needed. Remember babies do not walk, or crawl. They just hang out. We just need to keep their toes warm.

Baby Nail Clippers – There are a few things wrong with those little baby nail clippers. First they are small so it’s hard to grab onto them. Second the little magnifying glass that comes attached to the clippers is useless. Do what Tessa suggests and just use the nail clippers you have at home or a nail file.

If you are excited about the upcoming birth of your child but really needing to make sure you are able to have your baby on a budget, these are just a few simple items you can easily save money on by not purchasing.  

I want to know what you think. What baby item did you think was a must have but then never used?

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Having A Baby On A Budget: What Baby Really Needs

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Check out our tips for how to have a baby on a budget and specifically what a baby DOESN'T need!

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