5 Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe When They Learn to Crawl

5 Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe When They Learn to Crawl

5 Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe When They Learn to Crawl

After several months of the frustration of wanting to play and not being able to move much, my youngest is on the move. Although I have been through this stage five times before, I always have to remind myself of all the ways that crawling can be a challenge for a busy family. Since keeping our babies safe is our number one priority as mothers, I have created this post sharing my tips for ‘crawling proof’ your home.

Picking Up

If you have older children, and maybe even if you don’t, you will notice lots of little pieces get left on the floor. For us it is Lego. My older children can be reminded that it is a danger and a choking hazard for the baby now that he is on the move, but my toddlers are not as aware. When I put the baby down on the ground for a crawl, I make sure to scan the floor of the whole room. Be sure to check under chairs, around couches and under tables. If there is a piece of lego to be found, my 6-month-old will find it.

Keep the Germs Away

Cleaning up choking hazards is important, but also keep in mind that your babies hands will be going directly from your floors into their mouths. I shared this post on keeping your floors cleaner. Libman Tornado Mop Cleaning your floors like a pro, with Libmanand the Wonder Mop, as well as a Precision Angle Broom and Dustbin are now available at Home Depot Canada. I highly recommend these products. Check out the bottom of this post to enter to win your own cleaning package from Libman.

Beware of Stairs

Depending on the layout of your home, this might be a no-brainer, but also consider when you are visiting others. Do not rely on the baby not moving quickly, not noticing the stairs, or using a make-shift stair blocker. Get proper gates and secure the stairs in a way that is easy for you to still access, but completely prevents a tumbling baby. I do however recommend sitting on the stairs with the baby and regularly practicing going up and down. My third son (aka “the firecracker”) was walking up and down stairs holding the railing at 10 months old. Although not all children will be able to do this safely that young, they should learn to crawl up and down them around 8-10 months.

Cords and Electronics

Likely one of the first things you did when you had your baby was to add safety plugs to your electrical outlets. Brilliant. There is also a huge risk however with cords that are plugged in. Not only could your baby be tangled in them, but they can also use them as a method to pull equipment (stereos, TVs, air conditioners) down on themselves. Floor length curtains are also a risk. Do not underestimate your baby’s strength and determination. Secure all devices and keep cords hidden or blocked. 

Prepare the Crib

Cribs with multiple height settings should be lowered as soon as baby is rolling front to back or back to front. So if you haven’t done it by the time they are crawling, do it now! Once a baby knows how to crawl, it will not take much for them to pull themselves up and over the edge of a crib or bassinet with a higher mattress. Read your crib or bassinet’s instruction manual for their recommendations and instructions. Also take this time to read my post on How to Prevent SIDS. Every sleep matters.

I would love to hear your thoughts on keeping your crawling baby safe. What did I miss?

This post was sponsored by Libman, all thoughts are my own.

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