Why Can’t I Conceive a Baby?


Being a doctor is not an easy calling since every day you have to deal with issues that can cost someone his or her life.

However, there are also doctors who deal with challenges that can stand between you and the creation of a new life and learning Why Can’t I Conceive a Baby?


However, there are also doctors who deal with challenges that can stand between you and the creation of a new life and learning Why Can't I Conceive a Baby?

Why Can’t I Conceive a Baby?

Of course, we are talking about anthologists.

Every andrology clinic has a trained specialist who tries to find the answer to your question – ‘Why can’t I conceive a baby?’

You will be surprised, but the reasons are many.

Some of them may have noticeable symptoms, while others may not.

However, every IVF treatment clinic agrees on one point – male infertility has no symptoms.

Taking all that into consideration, and relying upon most andrology doctors’ views, we have pointed out five main reasons why you may be unable to conceive.


The Right Time

Despite what some people may say, it takes from half a year to a year for a couple to conceive.

It is not enough to have regular intercourse; it is essential that it is a well-timed one.



If you are not ovulating, then it is impossible to get pregnant.

The fact is that the problem of anovulation is very common and can be triggered by a vast range of reasons.

That is why a regular check-up can rule this issue out or fix it, if it is present.


Your Age

No matter that it may sound like a cliché, the truth is that the older you get, the more difficult it may become to conceive, no matter how hard you try.

The research proves that for women after 35, it takes a lot longer to get pregnant.


Fallopian Tubes Blockage

In case you do not know, fallopian tubes are the place where the sperm and the egg meet.

If there is any blockage or scarring, they two won’t be able to meet, and pregnancy will be impossible.


It is not You to Blame

As it has been already mentioned, if there are visible symptoms of female infertility, they are unnoticeable when it comes to men.

This means that not only a woman but also a man should go through fertility tests to determine whose fault it is.


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