The Warning Signs Of Tire Failure

The Warning Signs Of Tire Failure

You know how your feet get tired after a long walk? Well, the same holds true for the tires on your vehicle. Car tires become old and worn down after continuous driving and tire failure is the last thing you want to experience while you are driving. It is important that you know when it is time to replace your old tires with new ones before something happens. Here are the warning signs of tire failure.

The Warning Signs Of Tire Failure

There are some things you need to watch out for that may indicate tire failure. You can do this by regularly checking your tires.

Look at the sidewalls for any cuts or cracks.

Also, inspect the sidewalls for any bulges or blisters. Bulges and blisters are an indication of possible weak spots in the tire, meaning the tires need to be replaced.

Check the treads for signs of unevenness.

Uneven tread wear is usually caused by things like suspension parts problems, improper inflation, damaged tires or misaligned wheels.

Look at the treads for signs of wear and tear.

If you look on the treads, you will notice bars across them that indicate tread wear. If you notice that the treads are worn down to those bars, you want to replace your tires. Also, many auto parts shops sell tread wear gauges to help you.

If you are driving your car and notice a vibration in the tires that is excessive, you want to have this looked at. Tire vibration could be a sign of internal tire damage or misaligned, bent or unbalanced wheel.

There are some things you can do maintenance wise to reduce your chances of tire failure. First, be sure your tires are inflated to the proper recommendations for your vehicle. You want to be sure you measure the pressure of the tires at least once a month. This should be done when the tires are cold because when you drive your car, the tires will heat up, causing the tire pressure to rise.

Be sure to stay aware while you are driving and not be distracted. Driving and texting is especially dangerous.

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