Let Them Get Dirty. Why Your Children Should Play Outdoors.

Let Them Get Dirty. Why Your Children Should Play Outdoors.

Children today have a lot of opportunities to learn, grow and play, however, most children are staying inside and not going outside to play. The draw of social media sites and gaming can drain everyone’s attention without realising how much time has elapsed. We’ve lost sight of playing outside, getting dirty and exploring our natural environments.

Let Them Get Dirty. Why Your Children Should Play Outdoors.

Outdoor play in natural play spaces is becoming one area that is growing in popularity around the world and not just in your back yard. Day care centres, schools and local parks are starting to look at their design and incorporating the land into their play structures.

Natural play spaces include logs, rocks, dirt, and sand instead of using plastic stairs toy structures. Taking out your old pots and pans to play in a pile of dirt can be a creative way for your children to play, not to mention 100% fun!

Outdoor play has so many benefits for children, youth AND adults! It’s great if your children are into sports and playing on teams but not everyone has the opportunity, however, everyone can play outdoors in a natural play space. Finding a place to play is as easy as your back yard, park or local trail.

Mud pies, stirring up something special in a bowl, climbing on logs or cut up logs, digging in the dirt and playing with water can provide an opportunity for creative play, imagination, cooperation and sharing among others. Outdoor play can help children build their communication skills, negotiation skills, problem solving and conflict resolution.

Playing on logs and climbing on rocks and up trees can help build fundamental movements that will help with being active later in life. Climbing, jumping, running, balancing and throwing are all skills children can learn while being outdoors and playing in a natural play space.

As adults there is no need to oversee their play however, if you join in with the fun you’ll get to experience a different side to your children then when they play inside or sit on a computer too long.

When was the last time you turned nothing {dirt} into something {mud pies}? When was the last time you balanced on a log or jumped from one spot to another? Challenge your kids and yourself to one morning outside playing in a natural play space and see what happens.

Don’t worry, the dirt will wash off their clothing and yours too 😉

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