Five Ways to Make Diaper Changes Easier

Five Ways to Make Diaper Changes Easier

Raising kids is a hard task, especially when everything is still new.

I always say to new parents, “once you figure your child out, they change”.

Speaking of change, diaper changes are an often feared and rarely perfected task of parenting.

In my years of diapering children, I have learned a few ways to make it a little bit easier for parents and caregivers.


Five Ways to Make Diaper Changes Easier

1. Have a new, fun toy reserved just for changesSave a special toy, just for diaper changes.

This is especially effective with little ones from about age 4 months, all the way to potty training. For my two-year-old girl, a book will do it. She especially loves seek and find books. For little guys, like Edward, a soft, vibrating monkey will do the trick.

2. Be prepared

Do not lay the baby down for a change until you have diapers (yes, that is plural), wipes (even if you don’t think you will need them) and a place to dispose of the diaper easily. Also, if you are following the first point above, a special toy or book. Along with having your supplies ready, I encourage you to find the right supplies. The right diaper can make all the difference. I personally prefer Little Snugglers Plus from about 0-6 months. I then LOVE Little Movers Plus for the crawling and walking stages. 

3. Make it a happy experience for baby

Start the process off with smiles and giggles. This will help to create a positive experience for baby.

If you go into each change with a scowl, likely your baby will too.

Five Ways to Make Diaper Changes Easier

4. Move fast

A large part of the reason that point two is so important is to ensure the whole process goes quickly.

Nothing causes a squirmy, fussy diaper change like a bored baby. This takes time to perfect, but working on it from the beginning will help.


5. Location, location, location

This point is a little more discretionary. Some babies can be quietly distracted by siblings or music.

For others, this might cause more wiggling and squirming.

If you have a rolling baby I HIGHLY recommend changing the baby on the floor. 

As I mentioned earlier, I have now diapered for 10 years.

There has always only been one brand for me. 

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