3 Ways To Make Birthdays Feel Special When You are Stuck at Home

With all the health and physical distancing protocols, celebrating special occasions and events have been approached differently – check out these Ways To Make Birthdays Feel Special When You are Stuck At Home.

While this can easily discourage you, why not use this opportunity to make birthdays memorable and exciting?

By planning ahead and looking into birthday ideas, you’ll surely come up with inspirations on how you can pull off a party your family celebrant will appreciate.

To show you a few ideas, below are ways to make birthdays special, even while you’re stuck at home.

Order Fresh Flowers

Flowers are go-to, traditional gifts to celebrate special events and occasions.

Hence, whether the birthday celebrant is your spouse or your teenager, they’ll surely appreciate an arrangement filled with bright and colorful blooms.

You can work with your florist to help you come up with the perfect bouquet for your receiver.

They usually have an arsenal of bouquet options you can look into.

However, to minimize the guesswork, you can simply order their favorite flowers.

To mix things up and personalize your gift, take inspiration from a list of traditional birth month flowers. 

For instance, if your partner is going to turn 35 this September, gift them a box filled with lilac asters and white roses.

Asters are September’s birth flower, and they represent love and wisdom.

It’s a perfect way to express your affection to your significant other. 

To make it more intimate, attach a simple note or letter to the bouquet.

The birthday celebrant will surely appreciate the effort and thought put into the arrangement.

They can even repurpose and put this in a vase for your kitchen countertop.

Alternatively, you can order seasonal flowers.

Opting for seasonal produce is one way to ensure the arrangement will smell great, and will potentially last long.

Check in with your local floral shop, and see if they offer same-day delivery services to ensure the arrangement is its freshest.

Likewise, most of these are affordable because they’re grown and sourced locally, eliminating any additional costs.

Group of friends with funny hats enjoy birthday party are some Ways To Make Birthdays Feel Special When You are Stuck At Home

Spend The Day In Your Yard

To celebrate this annual occasion, treat your celebrants with an organized yard party.

This is an excellent outdoor activity to relish the warm weather, enjoy some time outside, and switch things up a bit.

If you already have a dining table in your patio, learn how to set the table properly according to the theme you’re going for. 

For instance, if you’re going for a bohemian-inspired party, make sure to decorate your outdoor area with a series of light bulbs, several greeneries on the table, candles, fancy wine glasses, pillows on the side, and the like.

This theme mainly gravitates toward cozy accents and warm design elements.

You can look into various online resources and blogs to have an idea on how to set up the place. 

Make sure to prepare the celebrant’s favorite food and cocktails.

If you’re up for the challenge, you can definitely cook them in your kitchen.

However, if you feel like your hands are already full, you can order from the restaurant they’ve been raving about for weeks. 

Moreover, if the celebrant is your kid, you can opt to have a picnic birthday party.

Make sure to grab a large blanket, a few plates and utensils, and other picnic essentials.

Prepare and paint party hats, decor, and other paper essentials with them days before their birthday, to build the excitement leading to their special day.

This is a great way to bond with your children, and make their birthdays feel special, even if their friends can’t come. 

For the food, you can simply make several homemade dishes and pastries, from spaghetti to hotdogs and brownies.

The food doesn’t need to be fancy, as long as it tastes good. Your kid will surely appreciate the entirety of the celebration.

Young woman with champagne looking at roses near balloons in bedroom - Ways To Make Birthdays Feel Special When You are Stuck At Home


Surprise Them With Pre-Recorded Messages

If you’re under quarantine, you may not be able to invite and gather everyone during your celebrant’s birthday.

Despite this, there are ways to make their birthdays memorable and special.

Ask your relatives and your celebrant’s friends to send their greetings via a 30-second video clip.

Compile all these clips and add a few lively tracks on the background to make the entire video jolly.

This is fun and intimate way to shower your celebrant love and appreciation during their birthday. 

If you’re going for an outdoor dinner in your yard, prepare your movie screen and projector.

Play this video while you’re munching on a popcorns and beverages. It’s a great way to surprise them before the day ends.

Final Thoughts

It can be easy to frown upon all these health and physical distancing protocols.

Gladly, there are several creative ways to jazz up annual celebrations and special occasions.

By following the suggestions above, you’ll surely come up with a birthday plan that’ll make your celebrant feel special while all of you are stuck at home.


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