Why Every Child Should Learn to Use a Bidet

Do you have a bidet in your bathroom and If not, learn Why Every Child Should Learn to Use a Bidet instead of dry toilet paper.

Why Every Child Should Learn to Use a Bidet - Family washing hands in the bathroom

If you’ve never considered the benefits of using a bidet, here are the top 6 reasons your kids should be using one:

They’ll have cleaner hands

You know what happens when your kids wipe and it’s rather messy. You can avoid this completely with a bidet.

According to data published by Bidet Mate, one study showed that using a bidet considerably cut down on the amount of harmful microbial contamination present on a person’s hand or glove after wiping.

If you want your kids to have clean hands, they need to learn how to use a bidet.

They won’t get an itchy bottom

How many times does your child complain about having an itchy bottom?

You probably think kids get itchy bottoms because they aren’t wiping very well.

That’s true to an extent, but wiping with dry toilet paper is a losing battle.

Even adults can’t do it easily.

The toilet paper is the real problem.

Teaching your kids to use a bidet will eliminate their itchy bottoms, when done right.

They’ll ask you to wipe their butt less frequently

No matter how many times you show your kids how to wipe, they seem to always want you to wipe their bottom.

Sometimes they know how, but don’t want to.

That’s where a bidet will come in super handy.

It’s hard enough wiping when things aren’t messy.

When things are messy, the likelihood of your child getting stuff on their hands is high.

As an adult, you might be perfectly fine wearing gloves for this situation.

However, you can’t expect kids to wear gloves when they wipe – that’s too much effort and seems “weird.”

A bidet might also seem weird, but it will grow on them.

Once they feel how clean their bottom is, and they realize they haven’t had an itchy bottom in months, they’ll love using the bidet.

They’ll develop good hygiene habits

Good hygiene habits are developed during childhood.

Some adults learn better hygiene habits over time, but it’s not the same.

Your kids need to start developing good hygiene habits as early as possible.

Using a bidet is the most hygienic way to clean your bottom.

Yes, they’ll probably fight you on using a bidet in the beginning, but just like brushing their teeth, they’ll get used to it and it will become a habit.

Your kids will be less likely to clog the toilet

Does your child stuff the toilet with used wet wipes?

If your kid hasn’t clogged up the toilet with wet wipes, it’s only a matter of time.

Kids notoriously use far more toilet paper and wet wipes than necessary.

When your kids use a bidet, they won’t have a need to use dry toilet paper or wet wipes in most cases.

This means less “stuff” getting flushed down your toilet, which greatly reduces the chances of a toilet paper or wet wipe clog or damage to your septic system (if you have one).

Your kids will be less likely to embarrass you in public

Kids are pretty direct with what’s on their mind.

You’ve probably seen your kid sniff their crotch and make a face saying they “stink.”

That’s not something you want to happen in public.

Dry toilet paper is the only reason those odors linger.

Get your kid using a bidet from an early age (on a gentle spray cycle) and they won’t experience that kind of odor.

Start them young and they’ll embrace the bidet

Don’t wait until your kids are teenagers to introduce them to the bidet.

The younger the better.

It’s also a great opportunity for you to start using a bidet if you’ve never used one before.

You may not have the same challenges as your kids when it comes to wiping with dry toilet paper, but once you try a bidet, you’ll never go back to paper.

It will take your child a little bit to get used to spraying their bottom with water, but if you train them from an early age it will become second nature.

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