To Travel Or Not To Travel – Is It A Question?

I recently had to make a decision. For me it was a big one: to travel or not to travel? I had a big opportunity to cover an event for my Blog but it meant traveling to another state. I could either travel alone, make it a couple’s trip or a mini family vacation. I know, you’re probably wondering why this is such a big decision. Just pick one right? Still, having 3 children under 10 doesn’t always make decisions like these easy…in fact most times it makes them that much harder. Why?

If I travel alone I have to worry about leaving detailed instructions for all of the things that Momma usually handles. You know what I mean, husbands have the best intentions but when they are used to doing their part and then have to handle it all sometimes explaining it can be a lot harder than doing it yourself.

Okay, so then just make it a couple’s trip and give my husband and I a chance to have some alone time. Easy right? No, not so much because we always have a few things that run through our minds. What if something happens to both of us while we’re gone. I think our biggest fear is leaving our children without either of us. It may be irrational but it’s still a big one for us and because of that most times we go with the final option – a family vacation.

We all pile in the car and make whatever our destination is one that is fun for the entire family. This time that meant my husband taking the kids to explore a new city and then heading to a family fun place on the way back home. For us, this is just easier and a lot less stressful. This may not be a solution for all families especially when it may mean missing a few days of school yet the memories we had a chance to make were totally worth it.

How do you handle travel with or without children?

Is it a question or a non-issue?

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